5 Year Postpartum Body Transformation After Twins

My body has been on a journey. 

I have been so many shapes and sizes, and each one has served its season well. At times my body was to carry me through new experiences, and at other times it’s housed my babies. 

It grew two humans at once.

It has been a safe haven and a place of warmth and comfort.

I’ve celebrated and appreciated what my body has done and each purpose it has served. 

In 2015, as my twins began to crawl and my older kids gained more and more independence, I made myself a promise… that I would get stronger than I had ever been before. It was the least I could do for a body that had been through a war, and had been left bruised and mushy.

But this journey has taken time.

I think what people don’t talk about is the time it takes to rehabilitate our bodies after pregnancy. Think about everything that has to change and go exactly right to grow that little person. Your body is stretched, and shifted, and pulled and ripped. 

Give it time to heal.

Appreciate every season. 

Define your own personal goal that best thanks your body and celebrates what it has created and the journey it has taken you on.

I was inspired to create this video after receiving a DM from a twin mom who’s babies are 18 months old and she was feeling frustrated with her fitness goal progress. My body has been on a long journey for five years and just recently I am hitting my strength goals that I set for myself when my twins began to crawl.

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Are they Identical?

Written by Fallon Melander.

Before becoming pregnant with twins I had no idea how complex the science behind twins is. I thought there were only two categories: identical or fraternal. I also thought like many people, that twins were mostly the result of genetics or that they run in families. So, as you can imagine that when I found out I was having twins and that there were different categories of twins my mind was blown.

At 12 weeks pregnant I was told, to my great surprise that I was pregnant with not one but two babies. You can read about my reaction here. When the ultrasound technician told me that I was carrying Di-Di twins, I looked at her like she had two heads. She quickly explained to me that both babies had their own sacs and placenta and that they were the “lowest risk” type of twin pregnancy because they do not have to share anything. She explained that there were likely fraternal – meaning that two separate eggs had been fertilized which resulted in my carrying two babies at the same time, also known as Dizygotic twins. 

I went home and quickly looked up Di-Di twins, technically known as Dichorionic Diamniotic to discover that these are the most common type of twin pregnancies with the least amount of complications. I also assumed from my limited research that it meant I was having fraternal twins. 

Twins at 3 months

Fast forward five months later when I gave birth to both boys. In the midst of the chaos I remember my husband asking the doctor who delivered the babies if they were identical or fraternal twins. The doctor stated that they were not identical as they had both their own placentas and sacs. At his word and what I had read about Di-Di twins I blindly assumed that I had given birth to fraternal twin boys. I also never questioned it because as young infants they looked quite different to my husband and me. 

Identical twins
Twins at 4 months old

It wasn’t until the boys hit the 4 month mark I started to notice that they were really looking alike. Everywhere we went people assumed they were identical and we were beginning to mix them up once and a while. I was on a Facebook Twin Group where moms were posting pictures of their twins and others had to guess whether they were identical or fraternal. When I posted a picture of the boys every comment was that they were identical. I immediately started looking into whether or not my not-so-different twin boys could possibly be sharing the same DNA. I had heard about companies that tested twins DNA, known as a twin zygosity test to determine whether your twins are identical or fraternal. I ordered the test where I easily provided a few swabs from the inside of each boy’s mouth and awaited the results. After a couple weeks the tests came back that indeed the twins shared the same DNA thus making them identical. 

Twins at one year old

I was happy to have some answers but I was still confused as to why both the ultrasound tech and the doctor had assumed that the twins were fraternal. I found out that identical twins occur in approximately 25% of Di-Di twin pregnancies. However, I was never told this and as time has gone on I have realized many people are being misinformed of what type of twins they may have.

A 2012 British study found many parents may be misinformed by parental scans. Researchers interviewed 1,302 parents of same-sex twins who had been told by health care professionals whether their children were fraternal or identical. With DNA analysis, researchers found 14.7 per cent of families tested were wrong about their babies. Nearly 200 parents of identical twins were mistakenly told that their twins were fraternal and 12 parents of fraternal twins were told they were identical.

This whole process has opened my eyes to this complicated world of twins and I hope it may help some other moms who may be learning about their own twin journey as well. 

Fallon Melander is a thirty-something wife, reformed lawyer and mother to twins plus one. As a survivor of anxiety and depression, she hopes that by sharing her story she can help to inspire and bring others together.

Can you ever prepare for a Twin birth?

Okay, so where we left off I was lamenting about the surprise news that I was expecting twins. I freaked out, panicked and then finally came around to the idea, (not that I had a choice in the matter ). So as much as the pregnancy was a lot to mentally process and physically handle, the birth was a whole new ballgame. While pregnant I read as many books as possible, scoured the internet for twin birth stories (thank you Nesting Story for sharing yours) and talked to several twin moms. What I came to realize is that everyone had different experiences, but a common thread was that multiples usually came before 38 weeks, a twin birth likely takes place in the operating room, with a team of people are present at the birth, and that I should expect the babies to spend some time in the nursery and potentially the NICU. This was a lot to process considering I had my first child two years prior in what I like to think of as a peaceful setting, still in the hospital, but with only my midwives present as the sun came up in the early morning hours.

First moments of skin to skin with my first born
First moments of skin to skin with my first born

Due to low water levels in one of the baby’s sac’s I was told that I would be induced at 36 weeks. The boys were measuring well, they were both head down and there seemed to be no other complications. I was extremely happy to have been given a date as I was physically tapped out. I was scheduled to be induced on a Sunday in January and thankfully we had arranged family members to come stay with our daughter. I also was very lucky as I was able to be followed by midwives, one of whom had been a part of my first pregnancy, and a doctor to do the actual delivery. So the idea of having a date and a plan gave me some relief.   

Can you ever prepare for a twin birth? - Fallon Melander for Nesting Story
35 weeks pregnant with the twins and ready to pop

That morning we went into the hospital very anxious and excited. I was planning on a vaginal delivery with both twins as they were in the perfect position. However, I knew that there was a chance that I would need a C-section if any complications arose. Luckily I had the full support of my midwives and doctor to try this route for a twin birth instead of just scheduling a C-section. After settling in I was hooked up to the monitors we were told that they were going to begin the inducement by administering oxytocin. Needless to say I was ready to evict these twins out of my broken body. About an hour later I was informed that the one anestheologist on duty was in a surgery and would not be able to give me an epidural until he was finished, which happened to take a couple hours.

Things progressed very slowly all day. I was only receiving a small amount of oxytocin as the delivery doctor and the anestheologist were both called into another emergency surgery. Being bed bound I began to get bored and frustrated. I could hear women in the rooms next to me bringing new life into the world, I was on my second shift of nurses, and the Women’s network movies were beginning to repeat themselves. After 12 hours of being bed bound I was just plain pissed. In my fit of anger I began to feel some discomfort down below – burning pain that I thought maybe was my catheter. After a few nurses came and left my husband turned to me and said are you ok? I started to say yes while spontaneously crying from searing pain. He ran to get the nurses and I struggled to keep myself from breaking the guard rail off of the bed.

I was rushed to the operating room and transferred to the cold table while also feeling every inch of pain – which is when I realized that the epidural was not working from my hips down. When everyone was in place, about 13 of us in total, I was told to push and after a few pushes Baby A was out and whisked away immediately to the warming table and a team of nurses to be inspected. I was worried about Baby A, but I also remembered that I had to still give birth to another baby. At this point all I could think was “I have to do that all over again!” This is when I really cursed the fact that the epidural was not working.

The next thing I knew an ultrasound machine was on my stomach to locate Baby B. Turns out he had flipped sideways when his brother left the womb and was no longer head down. Of course I did not know this at the time and with my mind still on Baby A and preparing myself for another birth. It felt like mere seconds had passed when the doctor told me to push gently (is there such a thing?) and the next thing I knew Baby B was out and also whisked away to the adjacent warmer. At this point I looked over to my husband who looked in shock and the doctor who still had not said a word but was covered in blood. My husband then told me that Baby B had come out feet first and our ever stoic doctor looked like he had been in a scene of the Walking Dead.

This is when I started to panic about the health of both babies, especially Baby B who had made his appearance into the world at 9:31pm, 9 minutes after his brother in an unforgettable way. Thankfully my midwives were there are kept us informed and told us that both babies were having difficulty breathing and needed to be taken to the NICU. All of a sudden we heard a long deep beeping noise and I looked at my husband wild eyed. It sounded like the unthinkable but my midwife ran over to me and told me that it was just the battery on one of the warmers that had been unplugged that was making the noise.

The boys were rushed out to the NICU and a very nice Resident doctor wearing a clear face shield (straight out of a SWAT movie) did the rest of the delivery – the placenta. I don’t know if she put it on as a precaution after she saw the doctor pull Baby B out and the aftermath that covered the doctor, or if that is standard practice. The whole time however my mind was on the babies and I had no idea what was happening to them. It was quite a whirlwind and once I was back in the delivery room my husband went with the nurse to see the babies. Meanwhile we had been getting updates from my midwife and she told us that they were stable but needed help breathing. I was being monitored and after I was cleared a few hours later I was able to go see the babies, who were still known as Baby A and B at this point.

Baby A was a vaginal twin birth
Baby A

Both babies were hooked up to the CPAP machine and other than difficulty breathing everything else seemed to be okay. One of the biggest surprises to me was how big they were, measuring at 6.4lbs and 6.1lbs. I couldn’t believe that I had been carrying over 12lbs of baby! To be honest at this point I was utterly exhausted and still was not processing everything that had happened – a faulty epidural, a breach baby birth, two babies on respiratory support, and a twin birth that did not require stitches! My midwife told me that I was a freaking unicorn, but I felt like I was in a foggy dream.

Baby B was a breach baby birth
Baby B

We still had a journey to overcome in the following days of our NICU stay and bringing home the twins but I think I will end the story here for now. Needless to say I am thankful that I have two healthy, strong twin toddlers who despite a rocky start are doing amazing.

Melander twins taking a sink bath at 1 year old

I hope this has helped some of you who may be expecting multiples to put your mind at ease and to know that there are some things you cannot control. I have talked to many twin moms about their pregnancy and birth journey and I have learned how unique each one is, and also how strong both babies and mothers truly are. This may seem like the ultimate test, but it’s the beginning of your story and what I hope is an amazing journey.

I was scared at night

This post was created in partnership with PediaVit.

During my pregnancy I was scared at night.

When I was pregnant with my son Holden, my first baby, I would feel the fear creep in after dinner, as the sun set.

First pregnancy

Walking up the stairs to my bedroom, I could feel the fear increase with each step. My breathing would become heavy and slow, my chest tight.

“Can I do this?” I would think to myself.

As I arranged my pillows, preparing my bed for my new round shape, my husband Mike would look at me with knowing eyes, as I moisturized my hands and plugged in my phone, while staying eerily quiet.

“Are you okay?” He’d ask.

“Yes.” I’d lie. I didn’t want to tell him that I was full of doubt and was scared of the night. I didn’t want to tell him that I was scared of change. That I didn’t know if I was strong enough, or if I had what it took to be a mother. I didn’t want to tell him that I was terrified I would stumble, crumble and fail as I faced breastfeeding and the sleepless nights.

I was scared at night.

But then something happened. When I woke, the sun peering through our curtains and Mike slowly climbing out of bed at the sound of his alarm clock, the fear was gone. What replaced the fear was excitement, anticipation and strength.

I went through my day riding that wave of confidence, dreaming of what could be and what’s to come.

That night, once again as I looked at the clock, laying on my sofa, so warm, and so blissfully distracted by the T.V. series Mike and I were watching, the fear began to creep in. I knew I had to head to bed. But I dreaded climbing those stairs.

I dreaded, pretending to be okay, while I was pushing the panic down, deep inside.
I feared the night. I feared motherhood.

As I arranged my pillows, remembering the extra pillow to squeeze between my knees, I remembered the morning and how I felt.

I closed my eyes for a second and held onto that feeling of courage and excitement. I said to myself, “you’ve got this.”

I did.

I was able to push the fear out of my mind, and said again and again to myself, “you’ve got this, just wait for the morning.”

It became my mantra.

It was my mantra the first week after Holden was born, as night approached, and the exhaustion and pain from cramps and breastfeeding would come. I would say “you’ve got this,” to myself as tears rolled down my cheeks, and Mike knew to just let me cry and let me feel the fear.

mother holding newborn

It was my mantra when Holden was two, and wasn’t speaking. I would say, “you’ve got this” to myself as I sat in the speech therapist’s office, feeling my fear and watching my son while problem solving our way through.

mother and toddler

It was my mantra when I found out I was pregnant with our second baby, a complete surprise. I told myself, “you’ve got this” as I wrapped my mind around being a mom to two.

mother and son walking on beach

It was my mantra every night as I arranged my pillows on my bed to accommodate my massive belly… carrying two babies. My twins.

twin pregnancy

My twins were born in the morning. As I held my babies in my arms, looking at their tiny faces. Knowing that I was a veteran mom and that this would be my biggest challenge yet. There would be days that I would stumble, crumble and fail. I knew that, I allowed myself to feel the fear. Then I took a deep breath and said, “you’ve got this.”

newborn twins

And I did.

Motherhood is scary. It’s around 95% problem solving. It’s a beautiful mess. But feeling the fear, stumbling, crumbling and failing is part of the journey. And there are ways to make things just a bit easier for you along the way.


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What You Should Buy For A New Mom – A Postnatal Care Package Unboxing

postnatal care package unboxing

When it comes to buying a gift for a new mom, it can be hard to know exactly what they would want. I tend to always go for the good old gift card standby because I can’t think of anything else.

Recently I was contacted by Tenth Moon Mothercare, located in Toronto, Canada. They asked if they could send me their Mama and Baby Postnatal Care Package for me to do what I wanted with it. So, I decided to do an unboxing.

Wow! I was blown away by the ideas included in this package and in hindsight, I wish I had pampered myself a little more after having my little ones.

Head to tenthmoonmothercare.com if you live in Toronto or surrounding areas to place your order. Otherwise these are great ideas for you to put together yourself. Check it out!

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