Book Spotlight: Aye-Aye Gets Lucky

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Recently I was sent a children’s book to review, and before even reading the book I was immediately intrigued because the Canadian author, Terri Tachell is known for her Oscar and BAFTA nominated work on ‘District 9.’

Aye-Aye Gets Lucky is a funny, smart and insightful book about an Aye-Aye who after causing mischief in a village in Madagascar, gets banned as bad luck. He eventually befriends a flying fox, and with the help of his new friend wins back the hearts of the people of Madagascar… despite his creepy hand.

Aye Aye Gets Lucky

If there’s one thing that makes my kids fall in love with a book, it’s any mention of poop. Haha! No, seriously, up until this point my kids’ favourite book has been Everyone Poops, but Aye Aye Gets Lucky delivers with the perfect line about halfway through the book, “He was so scared he wet himself and pooped upon the ground!” My kids howled with laughter.

Aye-Aye Gets Lucky is part of the ‘Endangered and Misunderstood’ series, shining a spotlight on endangered animals, giving them a relatable stories, filled with humour and adventure.

Aye Aye Gets Lucky

Complete with an interactive section in the back about the endangered Aye-Aye, this book is not only entertaining and educational, but my five, eight and ten year olds all fell in love with it. A proceeds from the sale of each book goes directly towards the conservation of the Aye-Aye.

To learn more, or to order your copy head to

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What You Should Buy For A New Mom – A Postnatal Care Package Unboxing

postnatal care package unboxing

When it comes to buying a gift for a new mom, it can be hard to know exactly what they would want. I tend to always go for the good old gift card standby because I can’t think of anything else.

Recently I was contacted by Tenth Moon Mothercare, located in Toronto, Canada. They asked if they could send me their Mama and Baby Postnatal Care Package for me to do what I wanted with it. So, I decided to do an unboxing.

Wow! I was blown away by the ideas included in this package and in hindsight, I wish I had pampered myself a little more after having my little ones.

Head to if you live in Toronto or surrounding areas to place your order. Otherwise these are great ideas for you to put together yourself. Check it out!

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DIY Tutorial: Beech and Surf Inspired Yarn and Felt Flower Wreath, Kid’s and Teen’s Room Decor

IMG_4178This is a fresh tropical twist on one of my favourite crafty projects: yarn wreaths.  Yes, I know, I am constantly drawn to surf themed decor.  Maybe that is me escaping cold Canadian winters in my mind and my home!

These shell and felt tropical flowers give the wreath a youthful feel fit for a teen’s room.  You will need a wreath form, yarn, felt, shell beads, fishing line, thread, a needle and hot glue.  Start by wrapping your wreath form in yarn; this is an excellent evening activity after your kids are in bed, the T.V. is on and your brain is off!IMG_5088

Now you can make your flowers.  This is pretty simple but a bit fiddly.  First, cut your petals.  There really is no right or wrong way, I even skipped the paper stencil and used the first one I cut as a stencil.  Then you will string your petals together by threading them at two points on each petal.

4Once your petals are sewn together, thread your fishing line onto your needle and pierce through one side of the centre of the flower.  You will then thread your fishing line through the shell bead without a needle.  Then sew the fishing line to the other side of the centre of the flower.


After you have finished creating your flowers you will hot glue them onto your wreath.  There you have it, a pretty wreath perfect for your home or a great gift idea!


Cheat tip: I am by no means a seamstress so I may or may not have used a little hot glue when sewing my petals together… same outcome!  This is our little secret!