Exciting New Addition To Nesting Story: Birth Stories

Birth Stories

I have been dying to tell all of you about the exciting new addition to Nesting Story and now it is finally time!  As I have said many times before, I am always trying to create content for my blog that I couldn’t find during my twin pregnancy.  One of the biggest things I scoured the internet for when I was pregnant with my girls was birth stories.  But not just quick summaries of birth stories, I wanted photos, details and a wide variety of outcomes to read about so I could better prepare myself for what I was about to experience.  This has inspired me to add a Birth Stories section to Nesting Story.

After my twin pregnancy and birth posts went viral, the number of incredible stories that were being emailed to me and added to the comments section of Nesting Story was unbelievable.  Story after story had me hanging onto every word covering me head to toe in goosebumps.  I knew that these inspiring stories had to be shared!

The Birth Stories section will be divided into singletons, twins and triplets and more sections.  I cannot wait to start sharing these stories with you; full of triumph, heart ache and obstacles.  My hope is that these stories will empower, encourage and inform you.  Each story will be filled with lots of detail and many photos.

Keep an eye out; the first birth story will be added later this week!

If you have a birth story you would like to submit, please contact me at joanna@nestingstory.ca.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to have a dramatic pregnancy or birth story for it to be added to Nesting Story.  I think there are so many important stories to tell and I truly hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do!

Photo by Sarah Martin Photography and Ooh Ooh Darling Photography.

5 Things To Stop Doing To A Woman Pregnant With Multiples And 5 Things To Start Doing For Her


5 Things To Stop Doing To A Woman Pregnant With Multiples:

1. Stop acting like you are the expert on a multiples pregnancy because you have googled it.  Until you have grown a basketball team inside your body, carried them around for months and experienced all of the pain that goes along with carrying multiples you don’t know what you are talking about.

2. Stop telling her she’s going to have her hands full.  Do you think she was planning on having one baby raise the other(s)?  Of course she knows it’s going to be busy.

3. Stop telling her that your cousin’s friend’s mother knows someone who had multiples.  Just stop, she doesn’t care.

4. Stop asking her how much weight she has gained and if she has any stretch marks yet.  Just because you know her body is being pushed to the limit doesn’t mean every war wound should be public knowledge.  Let the woman keep some shred of dignity.

5. Stop comparing your singleton pregnancy to her multiples pregnancy.  It’s not the same and she may stab you.


5 Things To Start Doing For A Woman Pregnant With Multiples:

1. Start taking her out to restaurants.  She has probably been instructed to pack on the pounds.  She might as well be doing it with good company.

2. Start offering to drive her to her millions of doctor appointments, non-stress-tests and ultrasounds.  Chances are she is finding it hard fitting behind the wheel, getting light headed while driving and let’s face it, a little lonely at all of those appointments.

3. Start cooking meals for her.  Between the smells of cooking putting her nausea into overdrive and standing on her feet cranking up her braxton hicks contractions, the last thing a soon-to-be mama of multiples wants to do is spend any time in a kitchen.

4. Start taking her older children off her hands for a while.  They are probably so bored of watching T.V. while mommy lays on the couch multiplying like gremlins.

5. Start telling her “she’s got this”. Remind her how strong and brave she is and that you know she can rock this mom of multiples role! 

To all of the well meaning friends, family and in-laws in my life! 

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That Day I was a Maternity Model for Dressed to Deliver (Includes BIG Giveaway!)

Did I ever mention I was a maternity model for a day?  Ha!  I know I can’t believe it either!


When I was mid way through my twin pregnancy I happened to stumble across an ad on Facebook searching for pregnant women in their last few weeks of pregnancy that would be interested in being in a local fashion show for Dressed to Deliver.  I thought that sounded fun!  I submitted a photo of my bump and I and explained that although I am not as far as long as they were looking for, I looked much further along because there were two little ones in there.  Well, to my shock and awe Julie Berg, the owner and creator of Dressed to Deliver contacted me asking if I would model her new collection for their print and web advertisements!  Of course I would!  Whenever there is a camera around a primal urge comes over me to WERK IT.  I never dreamed I would get the chance to model.  I am 5’2″, so basically a hobbit.  Here was my chance, even if for just one day!  Julie asked me to bring along a pregnant friend to model as well and we laughed the whole time!  My friend Amanda has a way of cracking me up!Low-5496

I know, amazing acting right!!???!!!  You can have your people contact my people for bookings.


Julie Berg is the brain child behind Dressed to Deliver‘s 3 in 1 Birthing Gown.

“As the premiere product that inspired the creation Dressed to Deliver, every last detail of The Dressed to Deliver 3-in-1 Birthing Gown is made with expectant mothers and the birthing experience in mind. We have created a fashionable collection of birthing gowns – a great alternative for the unflattering and uncomfortable ‘one size fits NONE’ hospital gown. The birthing gown has all the features of a hospital gown with discreet access for fetal monitoring, IVs & epidural administration, as well as C-section incision inspections & healing. Dressed to Deliver Birthing Gowns are cleverly designed so that they can also be worn as a maternity & nursing dress with access for skin-to-skin contact & breastfeeding.”


Here is the really exciting part.  I have an gown to give away to one of you!  One lucky winner will receive  the beautiful gown shown below in XL.  I was given the opportunity to choose whichever print I wanted and of course I went for this vibrant gown.  I also went for XL because it can be a little hard to tell how big you will be at the end and I made sure those multiples mamas weren’t left out!  This would also make a fantastic baby shower gift!Low-5292
All you have to do is FOLLOW Nesting Story on Instagram and REGRAM the image I have added to Instagram of our giveaway gown.  Don’t forget to INCLUDE THE TAG #nestingstoryDTDgiveaway in the description or I won’t see it!

Entry Dates: December 11th – 15th 2014

Contest is open to Canadian and United States residents only.

Prize: 1 Dressed to Deliver floral print 3 in 1 Birthing gown in XL size mailed to your home.

Entry Limit: One entry per person per day.

Drawing: A random drawing (using random.org) will take place at 8pm Eastern time on Monday December 15th 2014.  Winner will be announced and tagged on @nestingstory Instagram account within 24 hours.  Winner must contact Joanna Venditti via email at info@nestingstory.ca with their mailing address by Friday December 19th 2014.

Good luck!!!!!!!