Are they Identical?

Written by Fallon Melander.

Before becoming pregnant with twins I had no idea how complex the science behind twins is. I thought there were only two categories: identical or fraternal. I also thought like many people, that twins were mostly the result of genetics or that they run in families. So, as you can imagine that when I found out I was having twins and that there were different categories of twins my mind was blown.

At 12 weeks pregnant I was told, to my great surprise that I was pregnant with not one but two babies. You can read about my reaction here. When the ultrasound technician told me that I was carrying Di-Di twins, I looked at her like she had two heads. She quickly explained to me that both babies had their own sacs and placenta and that they were the “lowest risk” type of twin pregnancy because they do not have to share anything. She explained that there were likely fraternal – meaning that two separate eggs had been fertilized which resulted in my carrying two babies at the same time, also known as Dizygotic twins. 

I went home and quickly looked up Di-Di twins, technically known as Dichorionic Diamniotic to discover that these are the most common type of twin pregnancies with the least amount of complications. I also assumed from my limited research that it meant I was having fraternal twins. 

Twins at 3 months

Fast forward five months later when I gave birth to both boys. In the midst of the chaos I remember my husband asking the doctor who delivered the babies if they were identical or fraternal twins. The doctor stated that they were not identical as they had both their own placentas and sacs. At his word and what I had read about Di-Di twins I blindly assumed that I had given birth to fraternal twin boys. I also never questioned it because as young infants they looked quite different to my husband and me. 

Identical twins
Twins at 4 months old

It wasn’t until the boys hit the 4 month mark I started to notice that they were really looking alike. Everywhere we went people assumed they were identical and we were beginning to mix them up once and a while. I was on a Facebook Twin Group where moms were posting pictures of their twins and others had to guess whether they were identical or fraternal. When I posted a picture of the boys every comment was that they were identical. I immediately started looking into whether or not my not-so-different twin boys could possibly be sharing the same DNA. I had heard about companies that tested twins DNA, known as a twin zygosity test to determine whether your twins are identical or fraternal. I ordered the test where I easily provided a few swabs from the inside of each boy’s mouth and awaited the results. After a couple weeks the tests came back that indeed the twins shared the same DNA thus making them identical. 

Twins at one year old

I was happy to have some answers but I was still confused as to why both the ultrasound tech and the doctor had assumed that the twins were fraternal. I found out that identical twins occur in approximately 25% of Di-Di twin pregnancies. However, I was never told this and as time has gone on I have realized many people are being misinformed of what type of twins they may have.

A 2012 British study found many parents may be misinformed by parental scans. Researchers interviewed 1,302 parents of same-sex twins who had been told by health care professionals whether their children were fraternal or identical. With DNA analysis, researchers found 14.7 per cent of families tested were wrong about their babies. Nearly 200 parents of identical twins were mistakenly told that their twins were fraternal and 12 parents of fraternal twins were told they were identical.

This whole process has opened my eyes to this complicated world of twins and I hope it may help some other moms who may be learning about their own twin journey as well. 

Fallon Melander is a thirty-something wife, reformed lawyer and mother to twins plus one. As a survivor of anxiety and depression, she hopes that by sharing her story she can help to inspire and bring others together.

This May Solve The Struggle All Twin Parents Face At Feeding Time

Twins in highchairs

When I became a mom to twins, I quickly became very familiar with the logistical bumps in the road that comes with having multiples. Although I had two kids already, having twins was a whole new ball game and I couldn’t fully prepare myself for some of the problem solving I would have to do.

From getting both babies out the door safely and nursing two babies at night, to bathing two babies and soothing two babies when they cried, there was a lot of difficult situations I had to navigate.

But there was one frustrating twin-specific scenario that I would run into over and over again, which I never fully mastered. When one baby got sick, her sister was always the next victim. This was because they would share everything from bottles to spoons.

Occasionally I would try to separate sippy cups, spoons and bottles, but when the inevitable chaos hit, I would either forget who’s was who’s or give up out of sheer exhaustion.

As a parenting blogger, I am contacted fairly often about new products and Kick Starter campaigns. Unless, (as a seasoned mom), I really think I would use the product, I will often pass over them. But recently I was contacted by the Karpinsky family, who also happen to have identical twin boys. They have thought up the most genius idea that I wish I had when Mia and Everly were little.

This idea is the Baby A & Baby B Twin Feeding Set.

Baby A & Baby B Twin Feeding set

This dishwasher safe, dual spoon and dual bowl idea not only cuts time in half while feeding your twins, it also stops the spread of germs.

For parents like us, who tried and failed at switching spoons while one twin was sick, this is the perfect solution.Baby A Baby B Spoons

We also know how impatient hungry babies can be, and switching spoons and juggling two bowls can be very time consuming, making your little ones frustrated. This cuts down on time, making feeding your twins less of a frustrating process for everyone.

So, now you know. Feeding time doesn’t have to be a painful process and germs do not have to spread to the other twin.

Baby A Baby B twin feeding set

You can order your own twin feeding set from Baby A & Baby B’s website, This product is also a great gift idea for someone who is expecting twins!

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I Don’t Want My Pre-baby Body Back

pre to post baby body

“Did you get your pre-baby body back?” “No.” I answered honestly to a nervous, first time, pregnant mom. The truth is, given the chance, I don’t think I’d want my old body back.

For as long as I can remember, and way before becoming a mother, I struggled with my weight. I was painfully self-conscious, and I missed out on a lot of life because of my insecurities. I was always comparing myself to everyone around me, and never feeling good enough to relax into my own skin.

Throughout my teens and early twenties, I was so hard on myself and focused on every flaw. The littlest comment, or ill-fitting outfit irrationally discouraged me.

Even when I had finally reached my goal weight before having kids, I always felt like I wasn’t thin enough, toned enough, or sculpted enough.honeymoon

Becoming pregnant and having children slowly changed me. During my pregnancies, I felt like my body had a purpose. I accepted my new curves and was able to wrap my mind around losing the baby weight after each pregnancy.

But it wasn’t until my twin pregnancy, when I fully appreciated the violent and miraculous journey my body had been on.

The hip pain, swollen ankles, sore breasts…

first pregnancy

Braxton hicks contractions, stretching…

second pregnancy

Contractions, rib pain and so much more.

Twin pregnancy

During and after birth, my body was stretched, sliced, stitched and pulled apart.

after giving birth

This journey of creating, birthing and caring for life is really wild and brutal when you think about it. But I wouldn’t give all of that torture up for one second. My body endured and withstood and healed from all of that pain.

It created these four perfect humans.four kids

So, do I want my old body back? No, I don’t. Although I am on a new fitness journey to regain strength lost. My body worked really hard for those soft, doughy spots, those wider hips, those stretch marks and those scars.

Today, I am more confident than ever. I see my body’s purpose and know it’s power. I know that the war my body has been through is it’s own and can’t be compared to other bodies.

I have no intentions of erasing my journey, just rehabilitating the body that brought my kids into this world.

With toddler on beach

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Photo of my four kids: Sarah Martin Photography

I Am A Baby Hoarder – By Kate Casey

IMG_9676By Kate Casey     I am pregnant with my fourth child. Invariably when I am asked how many children I have I get surprised by how many times I am asked whether I am Catholic or a Mormon. I am neither, Ma’am, but thank you for asking an incredibly personal question when we’ve known each other approximately 30 seconds. Perhaps we should also discuss the age I lost my virginity, how I feel about the current President, or my retirement portfolio? Sometimes I am tempted to just answer that I am over-sexed, a suggestion, by the way of a nice elderly woman who stood behind me last month at the check out line at the grocery store.

If you want to get technical I am an Episcopalian baby hoarder.

I love babies. I love having a large family. I like noise in my house.

IMG_7154I am overjoyed at the idea of my kids having three best friends to mutually complain about how much they are constantly annoyed by their parents.

I fully respect anyone’s choice to give sole responsibility of his or her elder care to one child, but in my case I prefer to spread the wealth.

IMG_0500Yes, having a lot of children, especially all under age 6 is chaotic. I don’t get much sleep, my face has rapidly aged, and I don’t have much of a social life, but I am overwhelmed with love. Eventually I will have a long Thanksgiving table filled with smiling faces, even if I have to get the meal catered because I am too exhausted to make it myself.


Kate Casey writes gossip analysis and reality television recaps on her popular site She and her husband and almost four kids live in Newport Beach, California. Connect with Kate on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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You Know You Are Pregnant When…: Funny Quotes From Women Who Have Been There,” by pop culture humor writer Kate Casey features quotes from women and husbands from all over the country highlighting the often hilarious things that happen to you when you are growing a baby inside your body including hormonal and body changes, strange food cravings, uncomfortable sex, and having a foggy brain.

  • You go to Costco for a new refrigerator but leave with two pizzas.
  • You hug the toilet more than your husband.
  • You stop shaving your legs for your husband and start shaving them for the OB/GYN.
  • You have eaten a one-pound bag of Skittles that you keep hidden in your car from your other kids.
  • You assume everyone wants your urine sample.

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