Did I lose my identity again?

Did I lose my identity again?

This past spring I fell into a depression. I had been trucking along and a couple small events completely derailed me. I won't get into too much detail about those specific events, but it gave me a glimpse into the future, a road I was heading down. This was a huge wakeup call which has lead to some positive changes in my life. First, I want to mention, and remind [...] Read more

preschool graduation

How do I really feel about our twins graduating pre-school?

Two weeks ago Mia and Everly graduated pre-school at Kids and Company. It was totally adorable and I’ll admit it, a bit emotional too. First of all, can we talk about their little caps that our twins’ teachers made out of black construction paper? Oh so cute! But as I sat there, on teeny chairs, as excited parents took photos of their first born hitting such a huge milestone, it [...] Read more

Chef Chuck Hughes LG

That time Chef Chuck Hughes taught me how to cook

This post was created in partnership with LG. I’m not a great chef. But I’m trying to be. In fact I’ve made the decision lately that it isn’t too late to learn to cook, improve my tidying skills, de-clutter my house and truly reclaim my home. Recently I had the opportunity to visit the LG Kitchen in the Chatelaine offices, where I spent the afternoon with celebrity Chef Chuck Hughes [...] Read more

Girl, Wash Your face

The book that reset my life and made me slow down my “yes”

Have you ever read a book that literally shook your world? A book that literally changed the way you live and function? I've had some that have inspired me, but until now, never have I ever read a book that has spoken to me so much that I now revisit it every couple of months. Back in early spring I was having a lunch with a friend, content strategist and [...] Read more

post baby body

Look at your body after babies as a fresh beginning

After having my twins, (my third and fourth kids), although I felt a deep sadness for the mushy, stretched, bruised and swollen condition my body was in, a part of me felt excitement and renewed. I was so thankful that my body had done the job it needed to do: carry my babies to full term. I looked at it differently than I ever had before. Although sad, for the [...] Read more

Am I the only one experiencing moody kids as they approach Kindergarten?

My twins are starting kindergarten in September. Let’s just let that one sink in for a minute. I think I must have joked about just getting to September, 2018, since before our twins were born. That seemed like our point of arrival. Now that our family is looking down the barrel at that date, we are dealing with a lot of different emotions. How are Mike and I feeling? Excited. [...] Read more