Hiding from my kids

Week two of school and the honeymoon is over

Yesterday at 6pm I had enough. I had a decision to make, either I let the tears come, as I felt them bubble to the surface, hot behind my eyes, or I just walk away and hide from my family. I chose to walk away. I put down the cooked chicken I was cradling in my hands, turned and walked out of my kitchen, away from my family. I was [...] Read more

Carly, media curator of Nesting Story

Allow me to introduce myself… but who is Carly?

[caption id="attachment_7437" align="aligncenter" width="6000"] This is my usual work set-up, in front of a laptop, coffee in hand.[/caption] Hello internet, my name is Carly. You may not have heard my name before or known that I was here, but if you’ve been keeping up with Nesting Story on social media you’ve probably seen something I’ve worked on. You see, I’m the one who’s been helping Joanna get her content out [...] Read more

Melasma Visia photos

Age spots and staining on my face? Nope, It’s Melasma

Ready for a confession? I sleep with my makeup on. Well, at least until a couple of days ago I slept with my makeup on. How did I get to a place where I did not care that I was going to bed with a full face of makeup, more times than not? I was waking up, dragging my finger under my eyes to get rid of any night-time smudging [...] Read more

Mother and four kids

Twins, four kids, the truth and why I’ve been afraid to say this out loud

A note to my readers... I have been sitting on this post for almost a year. I wrote it after a particular trying season, while taking a minute to breathe just outside of my daughter's dance class. I was resistant to share it. Maybe because I needed the clouds to part. Although this still rings true when things get tough, it's not such an overwhelming sensation anymore. I have updated [...] Read more

Did I lose my identity again?

Did I lose my identity again?

This past spring I fell into a depression. I had been trucking along and a couple small events completely derailed me. I won't get into too much detail about those specific events, but it gave me a glimpse into the future, a road I was heading down. This was a huge wakeup call which has lead to some positive changes in my life. First, I want to mention, and remind [...] Read more

preschool graduation

How do I really feel about our twins graduating pre-school?

Two weeks ago our twins, Mia and Everly, graduated pre-school at Kids and Company. It was totally adorable and I’ll admit it, a bit emotional too. First of all, can we talk about their little caps that our twins’ teachers made out of black construction paper? Oh so cute! But as I sat there, on teeny chairs, as excited parents took photos of their first born hitting such a huge [...] Read more