preschool graduation

How do I really feel about our twins graduating pre-school?

Two weeks ago Mia and Everly graduated pre-school at Kids and Company. It was totally adorable and I’ll admit it, a bit emotional too. First of all, can we talk about their little caps that our twins’ teachers made out of black construction paper? Oh so cute! But as I sat there, on teeny chairs, as excited parents took photos of their first born hitting such a huge milestone, it [...] Read more

Chef Chuck Hughes LG

That time Chef Chuck Hughes taught me how to cook

This post was created in partnership with LG. I’m not a great chef. But I’m trying to be. In fact I’ve made the decision lately that it isn’t too late to learn to cook, improve my tidying skills, de-clutter my house and truly reclaim my home. Recently I had the opportunity to visit the LG Kitchen in the Chatelaine offices, where I spent the afternoon with celebrity Chef Chuck Hughes [...] Read more

Girl, Wash Your face

The book that reset my life and made me slow down my “yes”

Have you ever read a book that literally shook your world? A book that literally changed the way you live and function? I've had some that have inspired me, but until now, never have I ever read a book that has spoken to me so much that I now revisit it every couple of months. Back in early spring I was having a lunch with a friend, content strategist and [...] Read more

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