Decluttering my home and inspiring you by Nesting Story

Decluttering my home and inspiring you

My favourite place on earth is our home. When I close my eyes and really ask myself, “is it my absolute favourite place to be?” The answer is yes. I write this as I enjoy my last days on vacation in Sanibel, Florida, the place I have gone for many Christmases, since I was very young. I am sitting out on our master bedroom balcony, watching the sunrise and listening [...] Read more

New Years sunrise in Florida by Nesting Story

2019 Lights camera action!

Action. That word popped into my head this morning on New Years eve 2018. The view from my bedroom window each morning here on Sanibel Island, Florida. I feel like I often state what I'm going to do, changes I'm going to make or goals that I am going to achieve and then they piddle away. Don't get me wrong. 2018 was not a waste. In fact as I reflect, [...] Read more

Self care after Christmas, think of it as your New Years preview by Nesting Story

Self care after Christmas, think of it as your New Years preview

Today is December 26th. Every December 26th I feel excited. I know a lot of people who feel low after Christmas, but although I love Christmas, there is something, a feeling like relief that I feel the day after Christmas. December 26th is like my preview of New Years day, my fresh beginning. My family and I are currently in Florida, enjoying a much-needed family vacation, but we haven't escaped [...] Read more

5 real-life tips to stick to your holiday shopping budget by Nesting Story

5 Tips to stick to your holiday shopping budget

This post is sponsored by RBC. All expressed opinions and experiences are my own. I confess. There have been some years where we have completely blown our holiday shopping budget at Christmas, shopping for gifts. Whether it’s lack of time, lack of planning, or emotional shopping, there have been years where my husband Mike and I have blown it…big time. In the moment we think, “we’ll deal with it later”, [...] Read more

I was chronically busy and it had to stop by Nesting Story

I was chronically busy and it had to stop

"How are you?" a friend asked me at a conference a couple weeks ago. I could feel an inner push and pull as to how to answer this question. I had just checked into the hotel and was crossing the threshold from frantically getting deadlines done, making lunches, breaking up my kids' fights, and keeping my home afloat, to two days away, to take a minute, reflect and reassess. "Truthfully," [...] Read more

neutral fall centrepiece

Neutral fall decor home tour

I really didn't like my old, weathered, brightly coloured fall decorations anymore. September had hit and everything pumpkin spiced had exploded everywhere, yet I couldn't drag myself to the bin in my basement which housed my fall decor. Then it dawned on me... we have hit this magical age with our kids, where I  can put something pretty on a table, or a shelf and tell my kids, "this is [...] Read more