Old Shed Turned Beautiful Kids’ Clubhouse

Joanna Fowler May 23, 2023 Home, DIY

Did you ever dream of having a clubhouse as a kid? I did. The closest I got to a clubhouse is when my grandma would pull everything out of her shed at their cottage on Georgian Bay and we’d have a Teddy Bear’s picnic. Those were the days.

So in 2021 when I found this adorable house near the lake in Burlington, which we now call The Beach House, one of the selling features for my kids, (especially my three girls), was this old shed on the property that we planned to turn into a beautiful clubhouse.

So, last summer, true to my word we made it happen. We gave it a good clean, hired a painter and had them paint it to match our other shed, which I had already had painted to match our house.



I had my oldest daughter Beau go with me to shop for the furniture and accessories which ended up making the space perfect and simply adorable. I must say, the inner child in me is a touch jealous, and I am so glad I was able to create this special space for my kids.

Table, chairs, rug and pillows are from JYSK. Accessories are from Dollarama and Ikea.

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