What It Is Like Being Pregnant With Twins – My Personal Journey

Joanna Fowler January 5, 2015 Family, Twins, Popular

collageThere is a curiosity about a pregnancy with multiples.  It’s understandable.  A body is creating more than one person at once.  Not only is there the mind blowing fact that (in my case) multiple eggs have been fertilized, your body then knows to create two placentas, two amniotic sacs, more blood, more amniotic fluid and your skin and muscles can stretch and stretch!  It truly is amazing. I have read that people who’s bodies produce multiples are more evolved than others.   I am not sure if I buy that.  I personally think that God has a hand in every pregnancy, one baby or more.

When I was told that not only was I finally pregnant after a year of struggling with secondary infertility but there were in fact two little people growing inside of me, fear didn’t set in.  At least not until later in my pregnancy when I could barely move without fainting and I knew that I had two older children depending on me.  But the idea of twins joining our family only brought myself and my husband Mike feelings of joy and excitement.  For the first couple weeks I assumed I was in shock and that the fear would come… it never did.

Before knowing I was pregnant I had suffered from a bout of stomach flu.  I thought it had passed and then come back again.  Then the nausea wasn’t lifting.  When the pregnancy test came back positive it explained the nausea.  Only this was very different from my two previous singleton pregnancies (that’s lingo for carrying one baby – you become fluent with these terms when pregnant with multiples).  When pregnant with my older two the nausea would come in waves.  Often triggered by smells; meat, perfume and cigarettes. But this time the nausea was unrelenting.  It was also getting worse every day and contrary to the term “morning sickness” it would go into overdrive starting at 4pm and by the time 9pm rolled around I was having my daily vomit session before bed which would bring just enough relief to get through the night.  I remember calling my mom crying saying this was nothing like my previous pregnancies which I had enjoyed.  We chalked it up to me now being in my thirties this time around.

Twins had never crossed my mind in my previous pregnancies.  Most of my friends had commented about the thought of twins before heading in for an ultrasound, but I never did. But this pregnancy there were a couple of times I commented to Mike in passing, “maybe it’s twins”.  Then we would quickly dismiss that thought because when I had my multiple pregnancy blood tests week 4 there were no unusual levels with my HCG levels (we had started to explore my infertility before getting pregnant hence the extra tests).  Even the morning before my 7 week ultrasound I commented again about the possibility of twins because of my nausea.  Mike nicely said to put that thought out of my head.  But after peeking at my ultrasound after my tight lipped technician left the room and saw what looked like owl eyes (two sacs) staring back at me my heart started to race.  Once taken into a private room and an exceedingly kind nurse explained that I was pregnant with di-di twins (dichorinic/diamniotic which means separate sacs, separate placentas and they don’t share blood vessels, again more twin lingo).  I was reassured that this was the safest type of twins to carry and that most likely they would be fraternal but because they were spontaneous that there was a very small chance that a fertilized egg has split really early creating identical twins… something that we wouldn’t be able to confirm until they were born.

One of the first things I did after finding out we were expecting twins was search the internet for pregnancy belly photos with twins.  I wanted to see what a freak show I would become.  While scouring Pinterest and other websites I came across a variety of belly shapes.  Pointy, wide, low… it truly became an obsession of mine.  I had been through two singleton pregnancies and I thought I was huge then.  I just couldn’t fathom that my body could possibly carry two babies!

collage 7By 15 weeks my nausea finally subsided (It popped up again from 35 weeks on).  I had a brief few weeks of feeling somewhat normal before my next biggest symptom set in: braxton hicks contractions.  Mike and I had the opportunity to head to Las Vegas when I was 18 weeks and my braxton hicks contractions were brutal!  Las Vegas is a walking place.  Even in the Bellagio where we were staying it takes about 10 hours to get from the lobby to where our room was.  The braxton hicks contractions would start up and feel like a vice on my tummy.  I had always read that braxton hicks contractions would only last for a moment but I found that mine would set in as soon as I was on my feet and not relax until I sat down.  I was very careful to rest a lot.


My version of a maternity vegas outfit complete with sparkly bling!

Although we thought I had to wait until my 18 week ultrasound what our babies’ sex were (I was convinced it was one boy and one girl) we got a huge surprise at my 16 week ultrasound… both were girls!!!  twins

Once I got past 20 weeks the weight of my belly was incredible.  This was the point that I was connecting with other twin mamas online and the most common horrible symptom we were all experiencing was excruciating hip pain.  I used a super sexy support belt which helped take the weight off of my hips but near the end of my pregnancy I had to stop using it because it was making my wicked heartburn ten times worse.


My bump would take many shapes. But the biggest difference between carrying twins vs singletons was I always felt “high” and “low” at the same time. I was rocking an egg shape. For the last six weeks of my pregnancy baby A (Mia) was taking up all of the real estate pushing baby B (Everly) up and to the left, past my ribs. Poor thing!IMG_0780

There were days of my pregnancy that I was fighting depression.  Between the crippling nausea in my first trimester to the chronic pain I experienced the rest of my pregnancy there truly were some dark days.  It didn’t help that the first half of my pregnancy I was very isolated inside with bored children trying to survive one of the most brutal winters Canada has seen in years.  I tried to pamper myself as much as possible and emerged myself in TV series after TV series.  Later in my pregnancy I started feeling like my entire day consisted of moving from bed to sofa to bath to bed to bath to sofa and so on.  The two things that got me through those last weeks were getting outside in the sunshine (even if it was just lounging by a pool while eating and watching everyone else have fun) and my weekly ultrasounds and non-stress-tests reminding me that all of this suffering was for a very good reason.IMG_0793

Oh and pedicures… lots and lots of pedicures!IMG_0894

I started to get creative with my parenting.  Although I was getting a lot of help from family when Holden wasn’t at school and Beau wasn’t at nursery school there would still be a few hours a day while Mike was at work that I had to parent on my own.  I would make everyone snacks and the kids beds on the floor while we would enjoy a movie together.  That way I could rest with a pillow between my knees to get a bit of relief.IMG_0455

Walking up the stairs would put my heart into overdrive and I came very close to fainting multiple times a day.  I was experiencing pre-syncope (almost fainting) and feeling like my heart was going to explode brought me into the hospital a few times around 33 weeks and I was subjected to a battery of tests.  In the end it showed that my heart was having runs (racing) at times but the babies were thriving so I had to keep on trucking.  The weight of my belly forced me to stay off my feet almost all the time… even in the shower I had to sit on the floor.  It was very hard!photo-9

 This is my attempt at a selfie facelift

By 35 weeks I had a couple of really scary episodes of pre-syncope while driving complete with tunnel vision.  I decided that I couldn’t drive any more during my pregnancy and relied on my husband, family and friends to drive me to my remainder of ultrasounds and doctor’s appointments.

During my last week of pregnancy we went out for dinner with friends and headed to an upscale restaurant. After moving us twice because my belly wouldn’t fit into their booths we scored free dessert.  But watching those little feet and fists poke out and react when I poked back made it all worth it.

I finally made it full term.  I truly believe that if I hadn’t had all of that pain that forced me to be off my feet almost all of the time I wouldn’t have made it as far as I did.  It was nature’s way of saying SLOW DOWN!  The relief that I had after my girls arrived via scheduled c section at 37 weeks 4 days was incredible!  As soon as the doctor pulled each baby out and held them up we could see that they were so different from each other and we knew that they were fraternal.  Today I am grateful that I suffered so much during my pregnancy because even on the days when our twin baby girls are fussy and don’t want to sleep, it feels easy compared to when I was pregnant with them!


It was so important for me to write this blog post with as much detail as possible.  When I was pregnant with our twins I searched high and low to find a complete twin pregnancy story from a personal perspective instead of snippets here and there.  I hope that this story of my journey with our girls can help other twin mamas to prepare for what’s ahead.  Please feel free to ask me any questions you might have about being pregnant with twins either in the comments section below or via email at info@nestingstory.ca and I would be happy to answer as best I can!   I have blogged about the birth of our girls you can find here.  Please don’t forget to subscribe to Nesting Story and follow on Facebook and Instagram!SMP017

I want to dedicate this post to our families.  You were just as dedicated to this challenge as we were and we could not have done it without your help!  Thank you for helping us bring Mia and Everly into this world!

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156 thoughts on “What It Is Like Being Pregnant With Twins – My Personal Journey”

  1. I love this! It truly is an amazing experience to find out you are carrying two little people inside of you, then to go through the incredible physical and emotional changes a multiples pregnancy entails. I am so glad I got to go through it and found such an excellent due date buddy to go through it with 😉 There is no doubt this would help any newly expectant MoM learn what to expect!

    1. Thank you Kalynne! I don’t know how I would have got through those last few weeks of pregnancy without comparing symptoms with you everyday!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your story. You struggled a long time for your little darlings, but you’re right: it’s so worth it! Oh, I remember those days of the egg-shaped belly! People always tell me they can’t imagine what I must have looked like carrying twins and I have to say I felt absolutely enormous. You looked beautiful all the way to the end.

      1. Hi. Thank you for sharing your story, i feel like i have someone to talk to with my pregnancy.. ☺️☺️
        I’m 25 weeks pregnant with twins and i’m having some hardness and sharp pain on my right side sometimes. Is that the braxton hicks contractions or just the stretching?

        1. I am also 15 weeks pregnant at this moment. I surprised, scared and felt unlucky to hear from the doctor after ultra-sound that I am carrying twins. I don’t have other options than carrying to the end and following doctor every month.

          1. Hi everyone I’m also expecting twins at 14 weeks now and I had two miscarriage and I’m afraid coz this would be my first .I have back pain almost everyday after a hectic day at work and some time sharp pain on the lower abdomen,could this be a normal stretching of my uterus or something else ? at least I have people to talk to

          2. You can do this! It’s amazing and hard and it’s ok to not feel ok about everything. Praying you find joy in bringing these two little ones into the world. The God who made the world made YOU to be these little ones’ Mommy. You got this, girl!

        2. Look at that! There are so many pregnant with twins! I’m 9 weeks and 5 days with twins, and I had actually gone into the ER because I had yellow discharge that turned into spotting (light pink) and back pain on my right side. Like, from my tailbone to the middle of my back! So I called the nurse, since my first OB appointment isn’t until next month, and she said I needed to go into the ER because I would need a transvaginal ultrasound and they didn’t have that equipment. Well, turned out everything is perfectly fine, no infections, kidneys are functioning well, and I’m having twins! So the back pain is from my uterus expanding so much for the little babies♡ They each have their own amniotic sac but, share a placenta but sadly noone told me whether or not they are identical or fraternal. Sounds like they might be identical but, we shall see at my first OB appointment! Also, this is my first pregnancy and I’m 31… my husband and I had been planning for awhile but, all it took was one time for me! I knew I was ovulating at that time though

          1. Congrats Deanna….i am sure you have found out that they are identical …i am 30weeks pregnant and they share a placenta and this is my first too…i am so looking forward….be prepared to go for utra sound every two weeks….wish you all the best.

          2. Hello Deanna,
            You are talking about the exact situation. I’m 6 weeks pregnant and got to know that there are two babies. I want to know more about you. I’m also 31 and it’s my first.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! I’m 20 weeks pregnant with twins and feel like a big weenie because it’s been a difficult pregnancy. So glad someone else went thru the same!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your story. I found out 7 weeks ago that I was pregnant with Di/di twins and I am scared to death about what my pregnancy will be like the further I get.

    1. Hang in there Emily and you are not being a weenie 😉 I can say first hand that carrying two babies is very different than carrying one!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I am 11.5 weeks pregnant with twins. We tried for #3 and got an extra. We are in. Very similar situation. I would love any advice that you could give. The all day nausea is not fun but I am managing. It’s getting huge that scares me. I was so big with my other kiddos. I know the body works wonders. Also, are you breastfeeding your twins? My goal is to exclusively breastfeed as I did with my older ones. Again, thank you so much for sharing!!


  6. Congrats Erica! Make sure you have a lot of places set up to put a twin or two while you are occupied (bouncy chairs, swings etc). Get a lot of help while you are pregnant. I needed more help when I was pregnant than when I had newborns. I did breastfeed my twins including tandem nursing. I would highly suggest you plan to master tandem nursing to save time. Watch some You Tube videos on tandem nursing to help prepare you and figure out the logistics.

  7. Thank you so much for this article! Almost everything you said was point on for me! I am in Mommy groups that people hope they are having twins and one is hiding or “What is this on my sonogram?” And I was the one who never even had twins cross my mind until two circles showed up on the ultrasound. I was just brave enough yesterday to take a belly shot without a shirt covering. Can’t wait to follow your journey! Thank you again for sharing!

    1. Congrats Karissa! Go for it and take tons of belly shots. You will appreciate them so much once your little ones arrive!

  8. This is awesome and for some reason it brought me to tears. I had twin girls as well (mono-di) and there are so many similarities here. As miserable as I was, I miss it so much! There is something magical about carrying a baby, but even more so two babies!! I also had pre-syncope: I think that’s what you called it. No one could ever tell me what it was, but it was bad!

    1. I am so glad you loved the post Alexis! Yes, pre-syncope is horrible. There for sure is something magical about carrying two!

    1. Haylee, your girl’s names are adorable! I have never seen Everlee spelt that way. It is very pretty!

  9. What a great post! And, you will be so glad you documented this. I had twins 3 years ago and even just reading your story brought back so many memories I had forgotten. I’m now pregnant with a singleton and was thinking so much was the same as twin pregnancy, but your post reminded me that it is not! Your girls are beautiful. Enjoy every minute with them, even though many will be crazy and chaotic!

    1. Thank you for this post! I’m currently 10 weeks pregnant with didi twins. I found out on Christmas Day due to an emergency room visit bcus of vaginal bleeding. Since then I’ve had 2 sonograms & they are healthy & strong. The nausea & vomiting was taking a toll on me. From week 6-9 so my dr put me on zofran. Today is the first day I’ve been able to cook for myself & eat a meal. Have any other moms been on zofran?

  10. I am in tears right now because I can relate so much to you! (probably hormones haha) I am currently 23 weeks pregnant with mono/di twin girls (Brooklyn and Evelyn) my story is so much like your’s right down to the very same maternity belt which I blessedly received yesterday. My hip pain and lower back pain have been horrible especially this past week. Oh yeah, heartburn and fatigue as well! I am a pediatric nurse and I go to school with my little patient and it is getting harder and harder every week. I don’t know how much longer I can do it! But anyways, I just wanted to thank you for your story and belly pics. I look the same size as you at 23 weeks so you make me feel better. I am always getting comments such as “you look like you are due any day now!” I get sick of saying I’m not due until May 5th. 🙂 hopefully I can let my girls bake for as long as you did! 🙂

    1. Congrats Mariah! I am so impressed you are still working! Make sure you stay off your feet as much as possible. Your girl’s names are beautiful!

  11. It’s great to read about someone else that went through the same thing probably around the same time. My fraternal twin girls were born on July 14 and I also had to endure the brutal Canadian winter until May when I stopped work at 29 weeks. My feet looked like bread loaves stuffed in shoes by end. I had really awful heartburn and horrible hip pain at night. I didn’t have any vomiting and hardly any nausea. It was my first pregnancy so I didn’t know what to expect. It sounds like you had it a bit worse than me. I also carried past 37 weeks (37+3) and had a C-section scheduled. Thank you for sharing and i hope you are all doing well 🙂

    1. Congrats Mary! Yes your girls are almost the exact same age as Mia and Everly. Such similar stories! How are your girls doing?

  12. Thank you for posting this! I agree completely that there were not enough resources or information about what it feels like, on a personal level, to be pregnant with twins! I have modi girls and the worries were endless during pregnancy! Thank you again for bringing back memories of pregnancy with my little beauties!

  13. As a fellow twin Mama, I can totally relate to your journey. I had very similar issues with nausea as you. At 21 weeks I practically begged my obgyn to put me off work because getting up so early and getting into work was nearly impossible and totally painful. At 24 weeks I was admitted to hospital bed rest due to incompetent cervix issues. I spent a total of over 10 weeks admitted to 3 different hospitals, including one car accident at 32 weeks that put me into labour. I got to 5cm and it stalled thank god. But I fought hard and managed to keep those lovely little humans inside. The day my obgyn finally scheduled my c section for the following week I went into labour again and I had my lovely little boy and girl at 36 weeks 1 day. All through my hospital bed rest I just told myself, I’d rather be bored out of my mind now than have 2 NICU babies to worry about. I wouldn’t wish to have had my babies another way. They are 18 months today and already have a special bond that is so beautiful. I know that they will be best friends for life. Twin love from one Mama to another!

    1. Gillian I loved reading your story, and what a story! That was quite a challenge keeping them in!

  14. Such a beautiful story! My boy/girl twins just turned 3 and this brought back so many memories. Although miraculously I did not have a day of nausea, I remember all the other stuff. I have a 6 year old daughter whom of course I love to the moon and back, but there is something truly amazing about watching twins grow together (on the outside that is!).

    1. I couldn’t agree more Melissa. It’s so fascinating watching our girls interact and develop. Even though I know better I am still surprised everyday by how different they are!

  15. I really enjoyed reading this. I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant with twins. I had horrible nausea up until just a few weeks ago. It eased off around 20 weeks when I stopped puking every day but the nausea continued without daily vomiting (maybe just every 2nd day). I lost quite a bit of weight from all the sickness so right now I’m not a great deal heavier than my normal weight. Now I’m just thankful I can cook again without gagging and I can eat vegetables!
    Otherwise, I feel pretty good, I think the tiredness I experience after work each day is just normal pregnancy tiredness. This is my first pregnancy so I have nothing to compare it to. I’m still working full time, but I am going to cut down to 30 hours as of next week. The only thing I’m really suffering from is varicose veins. Unfortunately, I got the bad genes for this from my parents, but since being pregnant they have seriously exploded. I went to go get some compression stockings from a place that treats veins and such and even they were shocked at my veins :-/
    Looking forward to meeting my little ones. They have to cook in there a bit longer though!

    1. Hang in there Diana! I applaud those mamas that work until late in their pregnancy! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

  16. Thank you so much for sharing this story! I’m reading it while laying on my recliner after missing another day of work and feeling useless

  17. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. My twins are now five years old, but reading this brought back all the “joys” of pregnancy! For all those ladies reading this while pregnant with twins, I will warn you that (for me) the hip pain and carpel tunnel did not disappear for months after delivery … But eventually, everything went back to normal and I even got my figure back 🙂

    I highly suggest searching out your local mothers of multiples group. It’s always helpful to talk to others going the same things, and those that have made it through. It gets easier … never easy … but easier! And watching them grow up as best friends makes it all worth it!

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed it Deborah! Love the encouragement! I can’t agree more about finding a multiples group!

  18. Thank you for sharing. I’m 26 weeks w boy twins and I’m miserable. This makes me feel like I’m not alone.

  19. Just reading this was a such a comfort. Thank you for sharing your story! I’m 31 wks with identical boys. We didn’t find out they were twins until our 20 week ultrasound but I had such a similar experience to yours otherwise. With our first, it was NOT this way and we kept wondering why it was knocking me off my feet (blarph). Well, at 31 weeks I’m already off my feet most of the day and I can feel everything getting more intense by the day.
    Here’s to the next few weeks! Cheers!

  20. thank you for the lovely story, i feel so relieved am 13 weeks pregnant with twins too, and still battling with nausea, i am so happy am not alone, thank you for the pictures you look lovely

  21. Thank you so much for sharing. I’m almost 33 weeks with mono/di twins and I’m so uncomfortable. Couch, bed, bath is about right. I feel terrible complaining because I know what a blessing these babies are but I feel so awful all the time. Your story gives me hope and encouragement. I hope you are enjoying your little ones.

  22. Thank you for your story. I am 23 weeks with my mono/di twins and am feeling pretty uncomfortable already, especially in regards to the inability to climb stairs or do pretty much anything without feeling like I just ran a marathon. I’m wondering about how people coped…what are some of the good ways that you have found to get through this part?

  23. Thank you for sharing your twin pregnancy. I am 13 weeks pregnant with di-di twins. I have been blessed to not have any nausea so far, except when I brush my teeth. I’m wondering if you could share your weight gain during your pregnancy? How much had you gained by 25 weeks and so on… I’m reading so many diff things/books about gaining weight with twins and it’s all so confusing. How much did your babies weigh? Also, my hips have been killing me!! I can hardly sleep bc they hurt so much. Was there any miracle pillow or trick you learned to help with the pain?? I am grateful for any help and look forward to talking with you. Thanks a million!!

  24. Thank you so much for sharing. I am 11 weeks pregnant with di/di twins. Your story brought so much joy and made me cry. The beginning of your story sounds so similar to the beginning of my pregnancy especially about the nausea going on all day and being at its worst at night. I have a feeling they are twin girls…can’t wait to find out! Good luck with your beautiful children!

  25. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, its refreshing to hear someone admit to hiw yukky or low they felt at times as i too can relate. Its hard trying to be ok and feeling good when you feel such strain on your body lol. This experience for me is scary and exciting as i was pregnant with twins last year but unfortunately i had my fraternal twins at 24 weeks due to an incompetant cervix and both sadly passed. I am now pregnant again with fraternal twins boy/girl and currently 24 weeks and 3 days. So, i havent got this far and not sure whats normal, good, bad or indifferent. I have a transabdominal suture and so far things have been going well. I am now feeling the strain. Some days are great and other days i fear how my body will cope with getting bigger. I have some days where my tailbone and hips hurt or its pressure on the front. My tummy is firm, is this normal? I mean after all there is 2 baking in there. I do think i have had the odd braxton hicks but i wasnt sure if my tummy feels hard due to moving around also. My tummy is softer when lying down. My only other complaint is constipation and acid reflux. I have had no morning sickness, no cravings so i guess lucky in that respect. Your babies are absolutely adorable and you looked fabulous throughout your pregnancy!

  26. Just came across your story and I completely loved it! Currently 17 weeks pregnant with di/di twins . It’s been a struggle but reading your blog has me so optimistic about my twins!

  27. My name is Crystal and I’m 16 weeks with twins! I’ve been searching everywhere for a book that will give me insight. Your story help so much thank you.

  28. Thank you so much for posting your story! I am 16 weeks pregnant with di/di twins (first pregnancy) and it has been challenging, from all day nausea and sickness to now already feeling the extra weight. But i know the moment I meet my babies it will all be worth it!

  29. Hi Twin mommies! Wow, so happy i came upon this post… I’ve just been googling all sorts of things just to get answers and they’ve pretty much all been answered here 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your stunning story!
    Im preggies with identical girls 28 weeks.. Up until 26 weeks all was lovely besides the nearly unbearable morning (more all day) sickness! Than 26 weeks hit.. I cant sleep i’m in constant pain.. Whichever side I lie on there is just so much pressure! My stomach is rock hard and i feel as though im a pork sausage in a pan about to burst.. Pelvic pain and pressure, Hip pain.. The list goes on.
    Its just comforting knowing others are going through the same.. Bed sofa bath pretty much does some it up.. But let me tell you im still moaning with all 3. Whats worse is i have the most gorgeous 3 year old daughter.. She commented on how she has a angry mommy all the time.. Broke my heart 🙁 🙁
    Anyway thanks again for sharing! Beautiful story xxx

  30. I love the bit about how with twins you look high and low for stories and other’s posts/pics to relate to. To see comments on a post spanning a whole year and still going says something. I didn’t do as much poking around and digging for information and other’s stories during my other pregnancies–granted I could actually move around and keep myself busy and mind off of it. 😉 I am 34 weeks right now with di-di boy/girl twins. This entire post sums up the twin pregnancy experience for me so well that it got a chuckle out of me. Mishapen belly, amazing movement, hip pain, days of depression and “movie time” with our kids with exact pillow placement and trying to think of ways to stay engaged with them. I have a boy (3) and girl (1.5 yr). My son especially has been a complete saint, but he’s always asking me “mommy do you feel better now?” because I told him once the babies were here I’d feel lots better and we would be able to play and I could chase him around again. He has understood from day one we were having twins and always says hi to his brother and sister in my belly and asks how I am, but the little glimmer of excitement when he gets ahead of himself to ask me to run around and “you feel better now?!” is always pretty hard to take and probably the most tormenting part of it all. I have to remind myself all the time that I am doing everything I can and in all honesty, these last few weeks are just a small blip in time and worth every second. Reading this post and seeing the picture of your movie time moment made me smile so much. Kudos to all moms in general, but twins/multiples I’m definitely tipping my hat for a little more. Thanks for sharing this story for sure! 🙂

  31. Hey Joanna! I absolutely love this blog post!! I have been obsessively reading all of your twin posts Bc I am 14 weeks pregnant with mono/di twins! We don’t know gender yet! You are a trooper! I feel like mommas who go through twin pregnancy deserve medals. It is tough! Nausea, fatigue, SCH in my case, already on modified bed rest. I take comfort in the fact that you did it!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful story!

  32. Beautiful story of your pregnancy! You are one gorgeous mama 🙂

    I have twin girls who are 17 months now, I could absolutely relate to a lot of what you said. I also googled twin bellies and had no idea how I was ever going to carry them – it’s amazing how much the body can stretch! I remember trying to squeeze in between cars in parking lots, not quite realizing just how big I was LOL.

    I can’t imagine how you did this with 2 other children to care for. I’m so happy that you made it to full term and have healthy littles <3

  33. Thank you for sharing your pregnancy journey with twins. I’m just now stumbling upon this and I’m so happy I did. I’m 15 weeks with twin di/di girls after many losses, and we also have a beautiful four year old little boy. I’m already finding this pregnancy to be very difficult and different than with my singleton, so I’m pleased to know it’s not all in my head. Thank you, again.

  34. Thank you so very much for giving me such insight into a new unchartered territory for our family. We have two older girls 5 & 3, and just found out we were expecting twins!! Wow! Shocked, terrified, exhilarated, so many emotions. Never did we ever think that twins would’ve been part of our journey…never. It just happened. We have been blessed with being able to get pregnant and have healthy children. I have been blessed for never feeling ill…ever! Doesn’t even feel like I’m pregnant. I am 9 weeks, and bursting to tell everyone. I just don’t know if we should wait till 12 weeks or not?! I am so terrified of the unknown and because I feel fine other than a thyroid issue, I am scared.
    I do feel like we have been given these blessings, as we have overcame a horrific 2015 as our home and everything we once knew as comfort burned down.
    Thank you, and this is the first time I have been able to “Let it out” that we are having twins! Wow does it feel good to be able to say, as I still don’t believe it most days.
    All the best to all the mamas, babes and families out there! xo

    1. Hello! Just reading your comment and like you I have 2 older girls (5 and 2, they will be 6 and 3 when the twins get here)! I too never thought twins would be in our families plan but – BAM! It happened! How are you going to balance it all, I’m already stressing out thinking of the logistics of my growing family. Looks like it’s time to invest in the mini van lol!

      1. Congratulations! My twins are almost two now and although it seems overwhelming, it is doable. Good luck!

  35. Hello! Thank you for sharing! We just found out we are expecting twins and we are excited, nervous, blessed and overwhelmed already! I read that you have to older kiddos and how did parenting them change when the twins came? I will have a 6 and 2 year old by my due date and I’m already nervous about driving my oldest to school and packing the twins up. I’m due the end of January so it’s good we will have a solid routine in by then but it’s also the dead of winter in Michigan and I’m not looking forward to bundling up 2 infants and a toddler along with a kindergartner!!!

  36. Thankyou for sharing! I am 18 weeks in with didi twins and its been physically gruelling and a little scary so far, and I have been worrying about how much harder it is going to get, you are an inspiration. I feel a flash of optimism, thankyou.Your children are beautiful x

  37. Hi I just wana tell you how grateful I am that you wrote this blog! Thank you so much, I’m currently 33 weeks 2 days with b/g dcda twins and I have struggled so much through the pregnancy it’s been so hard and it’s just nice to know that someone else out there has been through exactly the same and it was all worth it in the end! Your girls are gorgeous! I am booked for a c section at 37 and 4 days on the 15th of August 2016!

  38. What an inspiring little website you have here. After over googling twin bellies I found your blog via Pinterest. Your belly was (as awkward as this sounds) the most believable. I am on numbers 4&5 as I round the corner into my 6th month of pregnancy. And while nothing about your pregnancy holds any comparison to mine, it was inspiring to read. While I don’t have winter storms locking me up where I live in Florida, the heat is almost as confining. When its 97 degrees outside and I am 20lbs heavier the thought of going farther than the mailbox (6-7ft from front door) is enough to need a nap about or even a light cry. I too have other children which presents its very own challenges as well. Above all…My support…my perfect helper… is just that. Helpful. My husband is so very understanding it’s almost crazy at times.
    Your story rang true. You referenced the Lord (which makes me smile from my heart). Thank you, for being brave enough to take belly photos no matter the size. I appreciate your honesty and love the way you write. I too sometimes play with “blogging”. I just haven’t yet invested my entire attention…in His time maybe. Thank you again for your honesty. Keep on fighting the good fight! Blessings to your family and you.
    Natalie FL

  39. Your story is such an inspiration!am 14 weeks pregnant with di-di though dont know the sex yet but my belly is so huge. I have had nausea from the very beginning,throwing up now and then, fatigue that all i do is sit on the couch,bathroom, bed. Thought i was just being lazy but reading thru the experiences of different mamas here gives me hope and courage to push on. Thank u for this blog Joanna.

  40. Thanks for your blog. 16 Weeks pregnant with twin mono di girls. Not sure how everything will work out for my physically, especially have a toddler and working full time. I luckily have a great support system. Im scared for everything. Im 41 and like you had never even gave twins a thought. I love the part about how your body makes you slow down..i will keep that in mind. Take care. shel

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  42. This post is so helpful. I’m 11.5 weeks with di/di fraternal twins that began as triplets, but that was not to be. So twins it is! I have no family history and wasn’t on any fertility meds. Just crazy luck! We have one son who’ll be 3 when the babies come. I’m really nervous about how big/tired I’m going to get. I’ve already had so much nausea and fatigue compared to my singleton pregnancy. I’m fortunate to have a lot of support local to me, and an understanding workplace. Still, eep. Thank you for blogging about your experience. I like to have all the information possible! Thank you, Joanna!

  43. Thank you so much for sharing your story! I am 21 weeks with di/di twins and we have a little man who is 22 months. I have just really started to feel the pressure of the weight of my belly and always seem short of breath. Your story has helped give me peace of mind for the upcoming weeks (months) because as a teacher I feel like I constantly need to keep going and be up making sure everything is okay. But it is okay to sit and relax when your body is telling you that’s what it needs ☺️

  44. Thank you Joanna, for the honest, unfiltered view on how our twin pregnancy will be. This will certainly help me be better prepared to what we have ahead and how I can support. My wife is currently 9,5 weeks pregnant with di-di twins. It’s our third pregnancy, we’ve lost twice (in week 13 and 6,5). So we sincerely hope this time we get to keep them <3

  45. Wow just wow. Thank you for sharing your story. We just found out at 21 weeks we are pregnant with twins. A boy and a girl. I couldn’t be more overjoyed as I have two beautiful girls already. Reading your blog put some ease into my heart. Thank you.

  46. Thank you for posting this. I am 22 weeks with di di boys and some days I feel like this uphill climb is too much. Reading such a similar experience is very reassuring.

  47. I came across your story after googling “can I die from being pregnant with twins”. This is because as much as I feel magical carrying my di/di girls for the first time I have been having little nudges of fear due to extreme discomfort.
    Well, I am 48 years old, 49 end of August. I have 3 older children aged 20, 18 and 15. Same husband. The twins were not planned but very much wanted and welcome to our family. The reason I got pregnant so late in life is because when we bought a bigger house in 2009, I went off the pill so we could try for 1 final 4th child. For 7 years nothing happened but we were not bothered, I assumed there would be no more babies after all but never went back on the pill. I was almost menopausal anyway. How wrong I was. It was discovered I was pregnant when I sought treatment for what I thought was IBS Lol!! Contrary to conventional belief, my age does not seem to have impacted negatively on either me or the babies. Tests show that all is well with my girls and apart from the routine visits to the gynae, I have not required extra care so far. It’s just that it’s been so uncomfortable. At 27 weeks I look and feel like a hippo. The heart burn is ferocious, my feet are swollen all the time. The level of discomfort is such that I was beginning to wonder if I would make to my scheduled C section at 37 weeks. After reading your beautifully written story, I am hopeful ageing that I will make it. I just need to hang in there. Thank you.
    By the way, my girls are called Marvel and Miracle.

  48. hi did you do yoga while pregnant with twins?
    because i want to do yoga sometimes but it’s just hard im carrying twins too..

  49. I feel so bad. I’m so uncomfortable I think I’m doing it wrong. My fourth pregnancy to term first multiples. 24 1/2 weeks I’m miserable to the point of guilt. I can’t remember when I even felt ok last. Either hurting, sick or just well miserable. …can’t move, can’t breathe can’t anything……it’s bad. I feel like it’s me but I feel better reading this. …still so lost.

    I hurt everywhere…is it possible for my body to not get big enough for them to grow. It feels like it’s protesting every stretch…

    1. I am sorry to hear what you are going through but sounds like you and I are in the same boat. I am 30 weeks and I have been uncomfortable since I was 16 weeks. I do get a lot of presyncope. I believe everything Will be ok. The goal is for my babies not to spend anytime in the NICU. It keeps me going.

  50. I just googled “struggling when pregnant with twins” and this was the first thing to come up. Glad to feel I’m not alone. Currently 26 wks with my di-di twins and struggling with back and hip pain and overall feeling uncomfortable all day long! It will all be worth it! Thanks for sharing this!

  51. Thank you for the post dear. I am expecting and am 22 weeks and have grown quite big and the nausea, the pains and aches are not anything easy to bear. Tell you what if this was my first pregnancy i would have vowed to never be pregnant again. I have had migraines, low blood pressure, abdominal cramps, hip pain, chest pains and i can’t walk for more than 5 minutes or sit for a long time as it feels uncomfortable and painful. Sometimes i feel like i can’t bear this and that its too much for me to handle. Your story gives me strength but i hope and pray that i will be able to endure and pull through. Thank you for your concern about other twin mum’s by posting this very important and helpful post. you are the best. Wishing you well, hugs & kisses

  52. Your story truly Inspired me, everything you were going through kept you up and moving. I can only do so much before I have to sit down im a first time mother of Twins. Im currently about 15 weeks pregnant with a boy and a girl, i have night nausea (hoping and wishing it would ease away). If you have any advice i would love to hear from you.

  53. Wow this was great information! Much needed for myself. Thank u very much for sharing this. I’ve been in over stress drive thinking about what’s going to happen or what might happen. This was a great heads up on the just in cases for me as well . Your family is beautiful I hope you all are still doing well Thank u so very much again ❤️❤️

  54. Hi, I am really enjoyed your experience, I am 12 weeks pregnant with twins, my height is 5 feet 1 inches and 130 lbs, I am bothering about my height, is my stomach have enough space for my babies, or is any other exercises to stretch or increase my Tommy size and tell me the good food for babies growth and I don’t know my twins are identical or non identical but I used fertility drugs for 6 months and it is my first pregnancy and I don’t have any twins in my family background, please reply me

  55. Thank you for this post! I’m thirteen weeks with di/di twins and having the unbearable all day vomiting. I was starting to come to terms that this might be the new status quo for my whole pregnancy. I was feeling really defeated and you’ve given me some hope.

  56. I really enjoyed reading this. I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant with twins. I had horrible nausea up until just a few weeks ago. It eased off around 20 weeks when I stopped puking every day but the nausea continued without daily vomiting (maybe just every 2nd day). I lost quite a bit of weight from all the sickness so right now I’m not a great deal heavier than my normal weight. Now I’m just thankful I can cook again without gagging and I can eat vegetables!
    Otherwise, I feel pretty good, I think the tiredness I experience after work each day is just normal pregnancy tiredness. This is my first pregnancy so I have nothing to compare it to. I’m still working full time, but I am going to cut down to 30 hours as of next week. The only thing I’m really suffering from is varicose veins. Unfortunately, I got the bad genes for this from my parents, but since being pregnant they have seriously exploded. I went to go get some compression stockings from a place that treats veins and such and even they were shocked at my veins :-/
    Looking forward to meeting my little ones. They have to cook in there a bit longer though!

  57. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. My twins are now five years old, but reading this brought back all the “joys” of pregnancy! For all those ladies reading this while pregnant with twins, I will warn you that (for me) the hip pain and carpel tunnel did not disappear for months after delivery … But eventually, everything went back to normal and I even got my figure back

    I highly suggest searching out your local mothers of multiples group. It’s always helpful to talk to others going the same things, and those that have made it through. It gets easier … never easy … but easier! And watching them grow up as best friends makes it all worth it!

  58. Thank you for posting this, it has helped me so much. I cried reading because I am currently 17 weeks with di-di twins and am experiencing so much of what you went through, also with two other older children at home too!

  59. Hi I have a question for you. I am almost 32 weeks pregnant. I have had a vaginal ultrasound at 7 weeks, a normal ultrasound at 19 weeks. The ultrasound tech did the ultrasound so low (nearly in my crotch) and never moved from the spot. My dr is very laid back and when she checks for heartbeat she doesnt move it around my belly she just leaves it in one spot for less than a min. I really really think I have twins but I do not have another ultrasound until 36 weeks. I am not measuring large and I am a smaller person to begin with (5’4″ 120lbs.) I have gained the normal weight.

    But this is why I feel like I have twins. At this point I feel like one is on the right and one is laying very low sideways. I feel what I think to be baby A head down in my ribs and movements sometimes nearly to my back on the right side. then I can also feel a long rounded back on my left side too and kicks all the way towards my back on my left side as well – they are not simutaneous but . Can one baby move that much at this point?

  60. I’m currently preggo with twins 19 weeks. I’m still shocked / scared but happy if that makes sense!! Lol. I’m do grateful that you posted your testimony because I’ve never had twins and wonder what It will be like the further along I get.. on always in pain and currently on bedrest. I’m really terrified of having a c-section and its driving me crazy plus I’m a full time student. I’m thankful to make it this far even though I have help.. i have a 10,9 and 3 yr old and hubby helps too… I’m a stay at home mom so I’m blessed I dont have to work but how was the c-section ? I was told to reccomend a spinal block.

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  66. It was great reading this! I am currently 27 weeks pregnant with di/di twin girls! I had the insane morning sickness at the beginning, felt amazing for a while, and around last week hit a wall. All of the additional weight is finally taking its toll on my 4 foot 10 frame so it was encouraging to read your story and know there are so many other women out there on this journey 🙂

  67. Hi I’m pregnant with twins.. almost 20 wks and already feel moving the sickness OMG…lol..my hips…feel like their going to dislocate..My first time I’m small build and already messuring 30 wks to a regular pregnancy..Beyond scared .I pray that everything goes ok for everyone and us ..

  68. I enjoyed reading your story. Thank you for sharing your great experience . I’m also pregnant with twin fraternal boys , 20 week now. I hope i can also do my best and give birth to a healthy little creatures ❤️ Best wishes to u and all your family

  69. Im guessing this comment section will be coming to an end now, but I wanted to post something anyway. Im 30/31 weeks pregnant with boy and girl twins through IVF ICSI after many years of trying naturally and a few failed transfers.
    Babies are kicking me as I write this in bed.
    I am so proud and truely amazed at all twin mammas out there. I feel so appreciative even through the aches and pains its not easy but we are blessed. Thank you to all of you for being so honest and taking the time to post. I wish you all the best and cant wait to start my new life with these little miracles.


  70. This was beautiful and so needed thank you for sharing your amazing story and god bless you and your family.

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  72. I’m not 8 weeks pregnant with twins!! Their in two separate sacs! We’ve had a miscarriage last year and been trying ever since. We’re excited but of course my nerves and anxiety is through the roof, because of last year their heart beats are good!! Feeling nauseated is through the roof!!

  73. Thank you for writing this. I am 13 weeks with fraternal twins. This pregnancy has been so different from my first. When I was pregnant with our son it was a happy pregnancy. With this one I have been so sick, tired, and worried about how I will feel 20 weeks from now. I really needed to read this and hear someone else’s story. I enjoyed the part where you searched the internet to see what others bellies looked like. I too spent an entire evening after I found out looking at twin baby bumps 🙂

    1. Hi Lynn 🙂
      We must be due around the same time.
      My Frats will be 15weeks Monday 23rd Dec
      We lost a baby 2 years ago and so this pregnancy has been fraught with worry and with it being twins,just adds to the pregnancy.
      I am so excited for *fingers crossed* a healthy pregnancy and birth.
      I feel so intetnally stretched already

  74. I’m 6 months pregnant with twins n I’m fed up Iv felt poorly since day 1 lol. I googled been 6 months pregnant n fed up n came across your blog.

  75. Wow, thank you for this!
    It’s such a beautiful and inspiring experience. I feel more relief knowing what can possibly come my way and how to deal with it.

  76. Thank you so much for sharing. About a week ago my husband and I found out we were expecting twins. I have two girls already, but now I feel like a new mom all over again because I don’t know what to expect. Hearing your story and how everything went has helped calm my nerves and reminded me that everything will be okay. It’s all in God’s hands. Thank you so much for sharing, it’s helped me not feel so alone.

  77. This was so comforting to read. Thank you so much for sharing, it def makes me feel like I’m not so alone, especially during covid. ❤️

  78. Thank you Soo much for your sharing your journey…i am 14 wks pregnant with twins and have been non-stop worrying, so reading your story is helping me know that everything can be ok and work out….you are so strong for doing the best that you can and asking for help when you needed it…I don’t have any family in state and 1 close friend so asking for help is tough but reading your story helps on those rough days..Happy that both you and the babies were ok and that you were able to add to your family!


    I AM SO EXCITED. ……….((HUGS))….

  80. Wow!! Thank you so much for the wide angle of the the story! Did you use any butter for your pregnant tummy?!

  81. I am 20 weeks with do-do twin boys and this is my 5th pregnancy so 5th and 6th babies! I have been obsessed with searching out twin bellies and if everything I’m feeling is normal. I’m HUGE and this week my stomach feels so extremely heavy! This post was very helpful and I feel all the same things you were describing. I’m becoming really worried about how big I’m going to get. Thanks for the info!

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  86. Absolutely ridiculous writing. There are only two types of twin pregnancy: identical or fraternal. Two eggs mean fraternal by default. Identical twins can’t have two separate sacks. Knowing that woman (and her doctor?) Could not identify what type of pregnancy is that until last day, all other things can be a lie too.
    People, twin pregnancy is not too bad!!! You can do everything until week 35 with no problem. Stop spouting lies!

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