5 Year Postpartum Body Transformation After Twins

My body has been on a journey. 

I have been so many shapes and sizes, and each one has served its season well. At times my body was to carry me through new experiences, and at other times it’s housed my babies. 

It grew two humans at once.

It has been a safe haven and a place of warmth and comfort.

I’ve celebrated and appreciated what my body has done and each purpose it has served. 

In 2015, as my twins began to crawl and my older kids gained more and more independence, I made myself a promise… that I would get stronger than I had ever been before. It was the least I could do for a body that had been through a war, and had been left bruised and mushy.

But this journey has taken time.

I think what people don’t talk about is the time it takes to rehabilitate our bodies after pregnancy. Think about everything that has to change and go exactly right to grow that little person. Your body is stretched, and shifted, and pulled and ripped. 

Give it time to heal.

Appreciate every season. 

Define your own personal goal that best thanks your body and celebrates what it has created and the journey it has taken you on.

I was inspired to create this video after receiving a DM from a twin mom who’s babies are 18 months old and she was feeling frustrated with her fitness goal progress. My body has been on a long journey for five years and just recently I am hitting my strength goals that I set for myself when my twins began to crawl.

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Global National On Camera, In Home Interview – ‘Mom’s Uplifting Message About Her Pregnancy Body Is Going Viral’

GlobalI had the privilege of inviting Global National into our home today.  I am so thankful and humbled that I am continuing to get the opportunity to talk about my viral body image after babies post and further this very important conversation.  Thank you Global for providing a platform for me to speak about something I feel so passionate about!

You can watch my interview and read Global’s article here: This Canadian Mom’s Uplifting Message About Her Pregnancy Body Is Going Viral.

My Case For Mom Jeans

snl-mom-jeans-skit-photoDid you catch Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary episode?  I did, and although I thought the entire thing was awesome, there has been one clip that I have been daydreaming about… the mom jeans bit.  You know the line from Twas The Night Before Christmas; ‘visions of sugar plums danced in their heads’?  Ya, I’ve been having visions of mom jeans dancing in my head.

After having my four kids and being pretty close to my fitness goal, I have been left with that little mommy tummy.  You know, the kind you need to tuck into your pants?  I remember SNL’s skit from when it originally aired, but now watching it as a mom of four I wish I were a mom in the 90’s.  They had it good.  We have been plagued with low-rise jeans.  I could wear low rise jeans if I wanted to have a muffin top and my bum crack hanging out.

I went out shopping for some new clothes this week and I had a couple of very nice young store employees try to help me put together some outfits.  Every time they brought me a pair of pants I asked them to bring another pair with a higher waist.  Apparently my go-to high waisted wide leg pants and high waisted pencil skirts are a little elusive these days.  Back into my yoga pants I go.

At least big bums are in.  Check.  But I think it would take almost round the clock work to have the big bum and the insanely flat tummy after babies that we see on some celebrities these days.  Good on them, but I don’t have that kind of time and to be honest, I really don’t care that I have a little extra curve.  I am over trying to suck it in all the time and cover my belly with my arms.  So, designers, if you are listening… please bring back the mom jeans with a modern twist!