2019 Lights camera action!

Action. That word popped into my head this morning on New Years eve 2018.

Sunrise in FloridaThe view from my bedroom window each morning here on Sanibel Island, Florida.

I feel like I often state what I’m going to do, changes I’m going to make or goals that I am going to achieve and then they piddle away.

Don’t get me wrong. 2018 was not a waste. In fact as I reflect, it was far from it. 2018 was a big year, for my career and for each member of my family.

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It’s been a year! When I think back to 2018, one word I’d use to sum it up would be growth. We started the year by adding Oliver to our family, which has been the most incredible gift ever… (side note, I’m am missing him like crazy right now.) In the spring Beau was struggling and we as parents were heartbroken because it broke our hearts to see her hurt, but this past fall she began to blossom and I am in awe of the incredible little lady she has become. Mia and Everly began JK and like most milestones in their lives, they have thrived with this new transition. Holden has the best group of friends, has got really into hockey this year and is maturing incredibly fast. Mike began his new job and is so very happy. He’s also coaching Holden’s hockey which has given him a much needed hobby. Then there’s me… I look back at 2018 and see areas that I conquered and some that I’d like to give more attention to in 2019. When it comes to my business and my little blog that I began as an outlet years ago, well, it’s been a big year for Nesting Story full of new opportunities. I have also created my dream team who I don’t know what I would do without! But because of how much time work required of me, some of my self-care slid, as well as my decluttering journey. Instead of getting down on myself I am using these areas that I’d like to improve to propel me into 2019. I am so excited what this new year will bring including transforming my blog to include contributors. I am planning on getting better with time management and creating a really productive and nurturing morning routine for myself. I am going to work on meal planning more and creating time for both cooking and exercise. I am going to declutter! I have finally got Mike on board too to finally tackle his bins and bins of stuff 🙌🏻. I am going to continue with the family focused time we’ve started here on this trip and put my phone down more. I could go on… I love New Years and setting goals. So tell me, do you have a goal for 2019? 🥂🍾 #bestnine #2019 #nye #newyears #newyearseve #newyearsresolutions #2019goals

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This is our third week away. Yes, three glorious weeks away on vacation. It’s a bit extreme, but it was necessary. The first two weeks my mind was blank. I was able to completely focus on my family, but truthfully, I wasn’t inspired about writing, working or anything I had hoped for on this trip. I felt worried and discouraged.

“Oh no!” I thought. “This trip was supposed to reset me and get the creative juices flowing.” Instead my mind felt like mush and it was turning on me, telling me that it was over, my journey and my platform that I had spent years creating, sharing on and building a community had an empty future because I had nothing left to say and my sparkle was gone.

But this week ideas and thoughts started blooming. The clouds created by working so hard, and prepping for this monster trip which had metastasized into being fully burnt out, began to part.

No, I am not empty or done my work, I just needed time to recover. 2018 was not a waste, in fact it was the exact opposite. I had worked around the clock to position myself for the next step. I built a steady and reliable business this year. I created a dream team with three powerful, driven and supportive women to help shoulder some of the work so that I can tackle new projects.

I also spent the fall, (despite being crazy busy at the time), creating a morning routine, and going to bed earlier. This simple but challenging act will be something that I continue to develop, devote my time to and nourish once arriving back home. This morning routine will also set me up each day for the success, both personally and professionally, that I am determined to achieve in 2019.

All of this work, that I couldn’t see the fruits of while in the midst of it, was setting me up for 2019. This year I will take action. This year I will work each day towards my list of personal and professional goals.

Yes, there will be weeks when things go off the rails. Come on, I have four kids, it’s bound to happen. But one of my goals is to not allow a stressful, off-week erase everything. This was on my mind back in November when I pre-filmed my New Years goals video that went out today… NO MORE STRESS EATING!

So, here’s to 2019! Here’s to doing, creating and living. Happy New Years!

This is the year that I will find my joy


As this past year was winding down I was feeling so burnt out. It wasn’t a shock to me. As I looked back at 2017 and reflected on my accomplishments, responsibilities, and the tough stuff, I was surprised that I am still standing here in one piece. No wonder I was burnt out.

For some reason 2017 brought this notion that I should hustle harder than I ever have before and pack as much into my days that I possibly could. In some ways this mentality worked, especially for growing my business. But along the way I lost my joy.

During those jam-packed days, weeks and months, there wasn’t enough time to slow down, let go and feel joy.

I wasn’t miserable, at least not all the time, but I spent most of everyday working on to-do lists, whether it was packing for trips, unpacking from trips, finishing work deadlines, or trying to keep our house a float during the craziness in a robotic kind of way.

As the fall approached, some tough stuff came our way, which forced both myself and Mike to self reflect and think about what we really want and what is really important.

On the top of my list was to find my joy again. To actually experience life instead of surviving, or controlling life. So, how exactly am I going to do this?

Play. I think one of the biggest areas that I fall short as a mother, is just stopping and playing. Mike is great at this, but I am always too busy, or too tired to just stop and play, colour, or play a board game. This needs to change, for my whole family’s sake. The dishes can wait. The laundry can be folded later. My work can wait until my kids are at school. They won’t be little for long and I am missing it.

DelegateAs a business owner, who has experienced growth in the past year, it has become glaringly obvious that I can’t do everything myself anymore. I am a mother of four and I need to draw my “work” line somewhere. I am going into 2018 with two new team members and I know that it is my job to help my team flourish.

Find my own fun. This year I am taking up skiing again. I was an avid skier from age five until I became a parent. Then I just stopped. This year, I finally asked for new skis for Christmas, and I plan to get out there. Plus I live five minutes away from a ski hill that I have not been taking advantage of. Date nights with Mike and an occasional day of hooky from working will be good for my soul.

Stop waiting for the things I want. This past year, I started to really think about the dream I have for our home, myself and our family and started to work towards it. For so long we were just surviving moves, babies and twins. For the first time in my life I feel like the dust has settled just enough that I can start chasing some dreams.

So, I have been purging all the stuff in our house, which is still a work in progress. I bought white couches. I always wanted white couches and finally decided that I would just do it, and know that each little dirty spot just meant it was loved by our family. Involve myself in home improvements and renovations. Also, our family will be welcoming a puppy in January. Yes, you heard me right, we are getting a dog. This is a dream that is nine years in the making and we are finally doing it.

I will be talking more on the blog about him soon, but in the meantime, here’s a video about our newest addition.

Create a better relationship with cooking. Remember how I said that in 2017 our family was crazy busy, or at least I was? Well, it was so busy that I stopped cooking all together. Dinners were take-out, pre made grocery store meals, and meals from boxes. My sweet family never complained and I just kept telling myself that it was fine, that I couldn’t do it all and it was the thing that was being left of my plate.

Well, at the end of August I had a health scare that woke me right up. For the past few months I have not only taken up cooking again, but I have been trying new recipes, created a “kitchen playlist” and have begun to love creating in our kitchen. I plan to continue this journey in 2018.

Make caring for my body fun and second nature. Many of my past New Years resolutions have revolved around weight loss. This year I am relaxing a bit and plan to build exercise and healthy eating into my daily routine without obsessing. This will involve carefully choosing the ingredients I cook with, walking our new dog, leaving our home to go to the gym, and skiing.

But I will stop depriving myself of a glass of wine, or a piece of chocolate. Besides, my new found joy will replace emotional eating.

What are your plans for 2018? I’d love to hear them!

35 Moms’ New Year’s Resolutions: Prepare To Be Inspired!


As I have scrolled though my social media news feeds this past week, I couldn’t help but be inspired by all of the New Year’s resolutions I saw. In fact, I may have borrowed one or two ideas!

A few common themes stood out for me, especially coming from moms: self care, more patience, weight loss, to thrive, or even just surviving the first year. Some made me laugh, and some brought me to tears. Overall, I think that 2016 should be the year that us moms take the time we deserve for ourselves.

Here are 35 moms’ inspiring New Year’s resolutions…

“To say “me too”. I have a 19 month old and a 4 month old, so I really can’t say ” me first”, but this will be the year that I start paying attention to myself again. So, “me too”, even if there are some days I can only manage 5 minutes of me time. Going along with that is getting my body and mind healthy again, 2 babies 15 months apart really takes a toll and I am ready to feel healthy again.” – Kari (mom to two), Schenectady, NY, US

“Mine is to be more supportive and genuine to my family including my husband and my children. To be more attentive and not just present, but really commited to being involved and interested in what they are telling me. I want to be less critical of others and not as judgemental.” – Carrie (mom of an 11 year-old daughter, 8 year-old son and 9 month old boy/girl twins), Pennsylvania, US

“To cut out sugar and cut my cholesterol numbers. To be strict about it and healthy up.” – Tara (mom of three, ages 5,8 and 12)

“Self care. Time alone, workouts, feeding myself real food, learning to love me again.” – Liz (mom of four, ages 5, 4 and 17 month-old twins)

“Mine is to lose weight, eat better and do what it takes to make myself happy.” – Tonya (mom of 2 year-old daughter and two-year-old twin boys), Minnesota, US

“Stop rushing through life is mine ….same as last year ….hopefully this year I will actually commit to this and stop rushing through everything and stop always being in a hurry.” – Kinga (Mom of two), Ontario, Canada

Elena Gonzalez “To be healthier, friendlier, and a more positive person.” – Elena (mom to seven-month-old daughter), Texas, US

“Get more organized – house and meal prep (especially lunches) & eat healthier! way too much junk food in our house!” – Karen (mom to two, ages 13 and 4)

“1) To love myself and look after me. I spend my time running round after others and I need to have a little bit of me time and stop beating myself up about the little things that don’t matter.
2) Enjoy my girls as much as possible, last year flew by and I don’t want to miss them growing up.
3) Be more active (get back to running)” – Alexa (mom to twin one-year-old girls), Lincoln, England

“My word for this year will be: RESTORE. I will RESTORE my body, I will RESTORE my mind, I will RESTORE my safety, I will RESTORE my relationships, I will RESTORE my drive.” – Stephanie (mom to one-year-old twin girls) You can read more about Stephanie’s goals for 2016 here

“To get out and do more fun things as a family. Also, to lose weight and get in better shape. I really want to be healthy for my girls!” – Jillian (mom to a two-year-old daughter and ten-month-old identical twin girls), Alberta, Canada

“I’m a Mom to be – but i’m counting that as my 2016 goals are with my family in mind. I’m working towards Progress – NOT perfection this year. I’m working towards my goals but will NOT beat myself up if I don’t hit them all – Every ounce of progress I make in health, wealth, wellness etc is all creating a better me for my family without burning myself out and becoming frustrated that I haven’t ‘hit’ my goals.” – Andrea (mom-to-be), Ontario, Canada

“I think my new years resolution is to be easier on myself, as a new mom I’m constantly beating myself up and I need to have more grace..and try to enjoy the time I have with my son because it’s already flying by and I feel like when you’re in it, you never just enjoy it!” – Fiona, (new mom), Ottawa, Ontario

“Don’t sweat the small stuff! Learn to love a little “mess” from playing, cooking, etc.” – Lindsay (mom of 17-month-old daughter), Ontario, Canada

“As a mother of 2 teens (18 and 15), a non profit volunteer and full time worker, I need to learn to slow down, less stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed. More time to focus on my home and family and myself, More Camping. Happy New Year!” – Berta (mom of two teens, ages 18 and 15), San Jose, California

“Move from our tiny, shoebox rental to a home of our own. Start replenishing my savings account. And eat dinner at the table each night.” – Meghan (mom to a five-year-old daughter and one-year-old twin girls)

“To stress less, spend more time as a family and lose the baby weight from #2.” – Melissa (mom to a six-year-old daughter and five-month-old baby), New Zealand

“More quality time as a family, less screen time and get out for walks during the week! Also get into meal planning would be helpful on those busy days!” – Sara (mom to 22-month-old boy), British Columbia, Canada

“To journal everyday! By writing my diet (to try and eat better), how im feeling, events or things that happen, Everyday!” – Kimberly (mom to two boys ages 9 and 5 and twin two-month-old girls)  Saskatchewan, Canada

“To declutter our house stuff so that we can really enjoy our favourite things, and help other by donating what we dont need anymore, or trash the rest.” – Aly (mom to 20-month-old twin girls), Ontario, Canada

“To practice patience as a parent, and make time for myself and my relationship with my husband.” – Anne (mom to ten-month-old son), Michigan, US

“My resolution is to be a blessing. I want to encourage other moms, uplift, support.” – Jess

“Putting myself back on my to do list.” – Rylee (Mom of four boys, ages 4, 3 and two-year-old twins), South Dakota, US

“To get healthy and fit for my three kids and wear a Bikini again (think I’m dreaming there)” – Sarah (mom to three, ages 7, 5 and 8 months), Adelaide, South Australia

“To be more present in everyday things and less hard on my husband for doing things “his way.” Stay in shape and stress less.” – Gayle (mom of 16-month-old daughter), Ontario, Canada

“I’m going trough a break up of six years with children of five, two and four month old twins. My resolution is to learn to love myself and value my worth!” – Dolce, (mom of four, ages 5, 2 and four-month-old twins), Texas, US

“I plan to move every day. I’ve struggled my whole life with weight and I have incredibly low self esteem. I am the proud mama of two daughters 1 who is 5 and 1 who is 11 months. I want to create a life of health without a focus on weight. I don’t want my daughters to ever doubt their worth based on the number on the scale. I live in California and am surrounded by beautiful women!!” – Katie (mom of two daughters, ages 5 and 11-months), California, US

“My resolution is to develop my skills in being a good mum.” – Linda ( mom of five-week-old twin girls), Sydney, Australia

“Mine to lose the baby weight from baby 3!! – Egle (mom of three daughters, ages 12, 9 and five-weeks-old), UK

“To survive.” – Alyssa (mom of four-month-old fraternal boys), New Mexico, US

“To get back in shape, not necessarily loose weight, just get some muscle strength back, especially to help my back and to be more “there” with my kids.” – Jennifer

“My resolution is to love myself as I am (also in bikini) and enjoy the time with my family.” – Carina (mom of one-year-old daughter), Austria, Vienna

“My resolution is to practice patience and learn to be okay with decisions we were we are in life, stop rushing and trust in our choices in designing our life.” – Cachelle (mom to one-year-old twin girls), Ontario, Canada

“1) Lose the 30 pounds of stubborn baby weight left from my twin pregnancy.
2) Enjoy my kids/family.
3) Not only survive, but thrive during the rest of my twins first year!” – Heather (mom of five, ages 8, 5, 22 months and three-month-old identical twin girls), Washington State, US

“To just survive (with some semblance of sanity intact would be a bonus).” – Lindsay (mom to a 14 year old daughter and seven-month-old twin boys), Oklahoma, US

What is your New Year’s resolution?

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