Look at your body after babies as a fresh beginning

post baby body

After having my twins, (my third and fourth kids), although I felt a deep sadness for the mushy, stretched, bruised and swollen condition my body was in, a part of me felt excitement and renewed.

I was so thankful that my body had done the job it needed to do: carry my babies to full term. I looked at it differently than I ever had before.

Although sad, for the first time since I became self-conscious as a child, I didn’t feel anger, frustration or betrayal towards my body. I was filled with gratitude.

Now was the time to bring my body back to life, to strengthen and love whatever new shape it was going to take. It was like someone dropped a pile of clay in front of me and said, “this is yours to mould and nurture. A fresh beginning.”

before and after

The sadness is gone and my body is mine again. But I will never forget the journey it has been on and I will constantly keep gratitude at the centre of my relationship with my body.

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Workout Overhaul And Body After Baby Update

Body after baby

Sometimes it takes stepping out of my busy world and reflecting to really see what path I am going down. Recently, as I was editing my vlogs, I realized that my body was getting a little soft and my super fast workout routine was just not cutting it anymore.

In this vlog I talk about my body’s journey and share an update on it today. I start to create a new workout plan which gets a bit derailed by bad weather and a busy weekend. But I am off to good start.

Welcome to our home…

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I Don’t Want My Pre-baby Body Back

pre to post baby body

“Did you get your pre-baby body back?” “No.” I answered honestly to a nervous, first time, pregnant mom. The truth is, given the chance, I don’t think I’d want my old body back.

For as long as I can remember, and way before becoming a mother, I struggled with my weight. I was painfully self-conscious, and I missed out on a lot of life because of my insecurities. I was always comparing myself to everyone around me, and never feeling good enough to relax into my own skin.

Throughout my teens and early twenties, I was so hard on myself and focused on every flaw. The littlest comment, or ill-fitting outfit irrationally discouraged me.

Even when I had finally reached my goal weight before having kids, I always felt like I wasn’t thin enough, toned enough, or sculpted enough.honeymoon

Becoming pregnant and having children slowly changed me. During my pregnancies, I felt like my body had a purpose. I accepted my new curves and was able to wrap my mind around losing the baby weight after each pregnancy.

But it wasn’t until my twin pregnancy, when I fully appreciated the violent and miraculous journey my body had been on.

The hip pain, swollen ankles, sore breasts…

first pregnancy

Braxton hicks contractions, stretching…

second pregnancy

Contractions, rib pain and so much more.

Twin pregnancy

During and after birth, my body was stretched, sliced, stitched and pulled apart.

after giving birth

This journey of creating, birthing and caring for life is really wild and brutal when you think about it. But I wouldn’t give all of that torture up for one second. My body endured and withstood and healed from all of that pain.

It created these four perfect humans.four kids

So, do I want my old body back? No, I don’t. Although I am on a new fitness journey to regain strength lost. My body worked really hard for those soft, doughy spots, those wider hips, those stretch marks and those scars.

Today, I am more confident than ever. I see my body’s purpose and know it’s power. I know that the war my body has been through is it’s own and can’t be compared to other bodies.

I have no intentions of erasing my journey, just rehabilitating the body that brought my kids into this world.

With toddler on beach

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Photo of my four kids: Sarah Martin Photography

35 Moms’ New Year’s Resolutions: Prepare To Be Inspired!


As I have scrolled though my social media news feeds this past week, I couldn’t help but be inspired by all of the New Year’s resolutions I saw. In fact, I may have borrowed one or two ideas!

A few common themes stood out for me, especially coming from moms: self care, more patience, weight loss, to thrive, or even just surviving the first year. Some made me laugh, and some brought me to tears. Overall, I think that 2016 should be the year that us moms take the time we deserve for ourselves.

Here are 35 moms’ inspiring New Year’s resolutions…

“To say “me too”. I have a 19 month old and a 4 month old, so I really can’t say ” me first”, but this will be the year that I start paying attention to myself again. So, “me too”, even if there are some days I can only manage 5 minutes of me time. Going along with that is getting my body and mind healthy again, 2 babies 15 months apart really takes a toll and I am ready to feel healthy again.” – Kari (mom to two), Schenectady, NY, US

“Mine is to be more supportive and genuine to my family including my husband and my children. To be more attentive and not just present, but really commited to being involved and interested in what they are telling me. I want to be less critical of others and not as judgemental.” – Carrie (mom of an 11 year-old daughter, 8 year-old son and 9 month old boy/girl twins), Pennsylvania, US

“To cut out sugar and cut my cholesterol numbers. To be strict about it and healthy up.” – Tara (mom of three, ages 5,8 and 12)

“Self care. Time alone, workouts, feeding myself real food, learning to love me again.” – Liz (mom of four, ages 5, 4 and 17 month-old twins)

“Mine is to lose weight, eat better and do what it takes to make myself happy.” – Tonya (mom of 2 year-old daughter and two-year-old twin boys), Minnesota, US

“Stop rushing through life is mine ….same as last year ….hopefully this year I will actually commit to this and stop rushing through everything and stop always being in a hurry.” – Kinga (Mom of two), Ontario, Canada

Elena Gonzalez “To be healthier, friendlier, and a more positive person.” – Elena (mom to seven-month-old daughter), Texas, US

“Get more organized – house and meal prep (especially lunches) & eat healthier! way too much junk food in our house!” – Karen (mom to two, ages 13 and 4)

“1) To love myself and look after me. I spend my time running round after others and I need to have a little bit of me time and stop beating myself up about the little things that don’t matter.
2) Enjoy my girls as much as possible, last year flew by and I don’t want to miss them growing up.
3) Be more active (get back to running)” – Alexa (mom to twin one-year-old girls), Lincoln, England

“My word for this year will be: RESTORE. I will RESTORE my body, I will RESTORE my mind, I will RESTORE my safety, I will RESTORE my relationships, I will RESTORE my drive.” – Stephanie (mom to one-year-old twin girls) You can read more about Stephanie’s goals for 2016 here

“To get out and do more fun things as a family. Also, to lose weight and get in better shape. I really want to be healthy for my girls!” – Jillian (mom to a two-year-old daughter and ten-month-old identical twin girls), Alberta, Canada

“I’m a Mom to be – but i’m counting that as my 2016 goals are with my family in mind. I’m working towards Progress – NOT perfection this year. I’m working towards my goals but will NOT beat myself up if I don’t hit them all – Every ounce of progress I make in health, wealth, wellness etc is all creating a better me for my family without burning myself out and becoming frustrated that I haven’t ‘hit’ my goals.” – Andrea (mom-to-be), Ontario, Canada

“I think my new years resolution is to be easier on myself, as a new mom I’m constantly beating myself up and I need to have more grace..and try to enjoy the time I have with my son because it’s already flying by and I feel like when you’re in it, you never just enjoy it!” – Fiona, (new mom), Ottawa, Ontario

“Don’t sweat the small stuff! Learn to love a little “mess” from playing, cooking, etc.” – Lindsay (mom of 17-month-old daughter), Ontario, Canada

“As a mother of 2 teens (18 and 15), a non profit volunteer and full time worker, I need to learn to slow down, less stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed. More time to focus on my home and family and myself, More Camping. Happy New Year!” – Berta (mom of two teens, ages 18 and 15), San Jose, California

“Move from our tiny, shoebox rental to a home of our own. Start replenishing my savings account. And eat dinner at the table each night.” – Meghan (mom to a five-year-old daughter and one-year-old twin girls)

“To stress less, spend more time as a family and lose the baby weight from #2.” – Melissa (mom to a six-year-old daughter and five-month-old baby), New Zealand

“More quality time as a family, less screen time and get out for walks during the week! Also get into meal planning would be helpful on those busy days!” – Sara (mom to 22-month-old boy), British Columbia, Canada

“To journal everyday! By writing my diet (to try and eat better), how im feeling, events or things that happen, Everyday!” – Kimberly (mom to two boys ages 9 and 5 and twin two-month-old girls)  Saskatchewan, Canada

“To declutter our house stuff so that we can really enjoy our favourite things, and help other by donating what we dont need anymore, or trash the rest.” – Aly (mom to 20-month-old twin girls), Ontario, Canada

“To practice patience as a parent, and make time for myself and my relationship with my husband.” – Anne (mom to ten-month-old son), Michigan, US

“My resolution is to be a blessing. I want to encourage other moms, uplift, support.” – Jess

“Putting myself back on my to do list.” – Rylee (Mom of four boys, ages 4, 3 and two-year-old twins), South Dakota, US

“To get healthy and fit for my three kids and wear a Bikini again (think I’m dreaming there)” – Sarah (mom to three, ages 7, 5 and 8 months), Adelaide, South Australia

“To be more present in everyday things and less hard on my husband for doing things “his way.” Stay in shape and stress less.” – Gayle (mom of 16-month-old daughter), Ontario, Canada

“I’m going trough a break up of six years with children of five, two and four month old twins. My resolution is to learn to love myself and value my worth!” – Dolce, (mom of four, ages 5, 2 and four-month-old twins), Texas, US

“I plan to move every day. I’ve struggled my whole life with weight and I have incredibly low self esteem. I am the proud mama of two daughters 1 who is 5 and 1 who is 11 months. I want to create a life of health without a focus on weight. I don’t want my daughters to ever doubt their worth based on the number on the scale. I live in California and am surrounded by beautiful women!!” – Katie (mom of two daughters, ages 5 and 11-months), California, US

“My resolution is to develop my skills in being a good mum.” – Linda ( mom of five-week-old twin girls), Sydney, Australia

“Mine to lose the baby weight from baby 3!! – Egle (mom of three daughters, ages 12, 9 and five-weeks-old), UK

“To survive.” – Alyssa (mom of four-month-old fraternal boys), New Mexico, US

“To get back in shape, not necessarily loose weight, just get some muscle strength back, especially to help my back and to be more “there” with my kids.” – Jennifer

“My resolution is to love myself as I am (also in bikini) and enjoy the time with my family.” – Carina (mom of one-year-old daughter), Austria, Vienna

“My resolution is to practice patience and learn to be okay with decisions we were we are in life, stop rushing and trust in our choices in designing our life.” – Cachelle (mom to one-year-old twin girls), Ontario, Canada

“1) Lose the 30 pounds of stubborn baby weight left from my twin pregnancy.
2) Enjoy my kids/family.
3) Not only survive, but thrive during the rest of my twins first year!” – Heather (mom of five, ages 8, 5, 22 months and three-month-old identical twin girls), Washington State, US

“To just survive (with some semblance of sanity intact would be a bonus).” – Lindsay (mom to a 14 year old daughter and seven-month-old twin boys), Oklahoma, US

What is your New Year’s resolution?

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Photo: Blue Bird Creative

The New Way I Am Approaching Weight Loss And Loving My Body

My new approach to weightloss2015 was a year I not only got to know my body after four kids (including twins), but love and appreciate it’s new curves and past accomplishments. I knew that I wasn’t completely done my weight loss and strengthening journey, and always kept my weight at the top of my to-do list.

I would tend to deprive myself of foods I really loved, or activities I wanted to participate in because I hadn’t “hit my goal yet.”

But, while away on vacation, something within me shifted. I thought, “screw it, I am going to treat myself occasionally, strut around the beach in a bikini and LIVE.”

Body after babyI had fun with my kids and enjoyed an occasional dessert. At one point I did have to reel it in, and I ditched my Florida vice: cereal.

American cerealFact: Did you know that American Corn Pops are completely different than Canadian (where I live) Corn Pops? I have to give the U.S. this one, because your Corn Pops are WAY better. Also, Cracklin’ Oat Bran is not sold in Canada… the more you know!

But something really interesting happened. I stopped stress eating. I was feeling happy and satisfied, and not feeling like I wanted to binge eat and watch T.V. while my kids napped.

When I got home I decided to weigh myself, preparing for a five pound weight gain. I hadn’t kept up with my 20 minute workouts during my three-week vacation, so I knew I had done some damage.

My jaw dropped when I realized I had only gained one pound!

This has completely changed my way of thinking about my weight, and how I am going to approach my lifestyle this year. Instead of making losing weight my number one goal for 2016, like it is EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. What if I make happiness, living, thriving and laughing at the top of my list?

I will be resuming my 20 minute workouts this week, but I will make sure they are fun, and enjoyable. I will carve out more time for things I enjoy and moments of relaxation, so I don’t burn myself out and end up comfort-eating.

Maybe having “lose those last ten pounds” as my New Year’s resolution, does more damage than good? Maybe that’s too much pressure, and it is setting myself up to fail?

Okay 2016, I am ready to LIVE!

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