2019 Lights camera action!

Action. That word popped into my head this morning on New Years eve 2018.

Sunrise in FloridaThe view from my bedroom window each morning here on Sanibel Island, Florida.

I feel like I often state what I’m going to do, changes I’m going to make or goals that I am going to achieve and then they piddle away.

Don’t get me wrong. 2018 was not a waste. In fact as I reflect, it was far from it. 2018 was a big year, for my career and for each member of my family.

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It’s been a year! When I think back to 2018, one word I’d use to sum it up would be growth. We started the year by adding Oliver to our family, which has been the most incredible gift ever… (side note, I’m am missing him like crazy right now.) In the spring Beau was struggling and we as parents were heartbroken because it broke our hearts to see her hurt, but this past fall she began to blossom and I am in awe of the incredible little lady she has become. Mia and Everly began JK and like most milestones in their lives, they have thrived with this new transition. Holden has the best group of friends, has got really into hockey this year and is maturing incredibly fast. Mike began his new job and is so very happy. He’s also coaching Holden’s hockey which has given him a much needed hobby. Then there’s me… I look back at 2018 and see areas that I conquered and some that I’d like to give more attention to in 2019. When it comes to my business and my little blog that I began as an outlet years ago, well, it’s been a big year for Nesting Story full of new opportunities. I have also created my dream team who I don’t know what I would do without! But because of how much time work required of me, some of my self-care slid, as well as my decluttering journey. Instead of getting down on myself I am using these areas that I’d like to improve to propel me into 2019. I am so excited what this new year will bring including transforming my blog to include contributors. I am planning on getting better with time management and creating a really productive and nurturing morning routine for myself. I am going to work on meal planning more and creating time for both cooking and exercise. I am going to declutter! I have finally got Mike on board too to finally tackle his bins and bins of stuff 🙌🏻. I am going to continue with the family focused time we’ve started here on this trip and put my phone down more. I could go on… I love New Years and setting goals. So tell me, do you have a goal for 2019? 🥂🍾 #bestnine #2019 #nye #newyears #newyearseve #newyearsresolutions #2019goals

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This is our third week away. Yes, three glorious weeks away on vacation. It’s a bit extreme, but it was necessary. The first two weeks my mind was blank. I was able to completely focus on my family, but truthfully, I wasn’t inspired about writing, working or anything I had hoped for on this trip. I felt worried and discouraged.

“Oh no!” I thought. “This trip was supposed to reset me and get the creative juices flowing.” Instead my mind felt like mush and it was turning on me, telling me that it was over, my journey and my platform that I had spent years creating, sharing on and building a community had an empty future because I had nothing left to say and my sparkle was gone.

But this week ideas and thoughts started blooming. The clouds created by working so hard, and prepping for this monster trip which had metastasized into being fully burnt out, began to part.

No, I am not empty or done my work, I just needed time to recover. 2018 was not a waste, in fact it was the exact opposite. I had worked around the clock to position myself for the next step. I built a steady and reliable business this year. I created a dream team with three powerful, driven and supportive women to help shoulder some of the work so that I can tackle new projects.

I also spent the fall, (despite being crazy busy at the time), creating a morning routine, and going to bed earlier. This simple but challenging act will be something that I continue to develop, devote my time to and nourish once arriving back home. This morning routine will also set me up each day for the success, both personally and professionally, that I am determined to achieve in 2019.

All of this work, that I couldn’t see the fruits of while in the midst of it, was setting me up for 2019. This year I will take action. This year I will work each day towards my list of personal and professional goals.

Yes, there will be weeks when things go off the rails. Come on, I have four kids, it’s bound to happen. But one of my goals is to not allow a stressful, off-week erase everything. This was on my mind back in November when I pre-filmed my New Years goals video that went out today… NO MORE STRESS EATING!

So, here’s to 2019! Here’s to doing, creating and living. Happy New Years!