A busy mom’s morning routine and how I do my hair with hot rollers fast

my morning routine

Depending on the season, my morning routine takes different shapes. But what is consistent is I have to find time each day to carve out for me while I am caring for my four kids and running my business from home.

Right now, rolling out of bed, throwing clothes on and caring for everyone else first makes the most sense. But I do take the time later each morning to clean myself up and even do my hair.

Follow along with me…

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I Broke Down Which Helped Me Find My Path – Why I Am Focusing More On Video

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 7.38.47 PM

This is a story I have been meaning to tell for months. I don’t know why I haven’t. I think sometimes we wait for the perfect time, but it just doesn’t come. I owe it to all of you to discuss why I have been moving more towards video.

I will keep writing, in fact, the quality of my writing will probably go up, now that I am writing a little less. But the truth is, for this part of my journey, and to tell our story best, video is a great fit.

Watch my latest vlog to see why and where I had a breakdown/breakthrough and what I did about it.

Welcome to our home…

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The Last Days Of Our Summer Vacation


In today’s vlog we continue our summer holiday week after a low-key day at home. I talk a bit about my medical condition that leaves me with less energy and I confess to who I don’t have any framed photos of.

Also, Mike and the kids set up a lemonade stand which was all his idea… I can’t take any credit. To end our fun filled vacation week we go swimming with my family and all of the cousins.

Welcome to our week…

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A Day In The Life 4 (video) – Life With Four Kids Including Twin Toddlers

twin toddlersLast week when I filmed this day in the life, I was trying to problem solve why everyone was in a funk. Throughout the day I did things to set myself up for success and help my kids get a little happier.

Also it was the last day of school so my mom came by to help me with early pick up and gave me some great advice on how to handle the terrible twos times two!

Have a peek at some of the mayhem we have been experiencing around here with Mia and Everly in today’s Day In The Life video…

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(Video) Mom 2.0 2016 – While Mom’s Away, Dad And The 4 Kids Will Play

Mom 2.0 Summit 2016

Going to blogging conferences is so important for not only me, but my whole family. It gives me an opportunity to step away from parenting and my work, and gain some much needed perspective.

I always walk away with new insights as well as new opportunities. Although I miss my kids and my husband Mike, I head back into our home refreshed and ready to dive back into the trenches.

Mike also really enjoys the one-on-one time with the kids. Although it is a lot of work, he really loves the change of pace and is so encouraging for me to go.

This was my second year attending the Mom 2.0 Summit, while my husband stayed home with our four kids. This year took place at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel. There, I was inspired listening to and learning from other bloggers, vloggers, celebrities and influential women with powerful careers.

Although I was inspired the whole time and absolutely loved being with my tribe, my mind often wandered to my family, wondering what they were up to.

So Mike decided to set up a GoPro so that I could see what they were up to.

You will see in the video that Rita Wilson was one of the speakers and also surprised us by singing a song from her self titled album, which you can find on iTunes and Amazon. Also, we had a surprise guest MC the Iris awards. You will have to watch to find out who it was!

Thank you to Kia Motors America for helping us arrive in style. Also thank you to Carter’s for the generous and tasty dinner, with the breath-taking views at the beautiful Montage Hotel in Laguna Beach.

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