A busy mom’s morning routine and how I do my hair with hot rollers fast

my morning routine

Depending on the season, my morning routine takes different shapes. But what is consistent is I have to find time each day to carve out for me while I am caring for my four kids and running my business from home.

Right now, rolling out of bed, throwing clothes on and caring for everyone else first makes the most sense. But I do take the time later each morning to clean myself up and even do my hair.

Follow along with me…

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The Quick And Easy Way I Get My Wavy Curls And How To Really Use Hot Rollers

Curly hairI love styling my hair. Honestly! I love nothing more than big curly waves, but with four kids and everything else that comes with being a momprenuer, I don’t have time to add curl and volume with a curling iron.

That’s why I rely heavily on my hot rollers. In fact, I have curling my hair down to 5 MINUTES!hot rollers in hairBut I have a secret about how I put my hot rollers in my hair… to find out how and to read my step-by-step instructions, head to my article on Yummy Mummy Club: 5 minute perfectly imperfect curls.

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messing up curls