Book Spotlight: Aye-Aye Gets Lucky

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Recently I was sent a children’s book to review, and before even reading the book I was immediately intrigued because the Canadian author, Terri Tachell is known for her Oscar and BAFTA nominated work on ‘District 9.’

Aye-Aye Gets Lucky is a funny, smart and insightful book about an Aye-Aye who after causing mischief in a village in Madagascar, gets banned as bad luck. He eventually befriends a flying fox, and with the help of his new friend wins back the hearts of the people of Madagascar… despite his creepy hand.

Aye Aye Gets Lucky

If there’s one thing that makes my kids fall in love with a book, it’s any mention of poop. Haha! No, seriously, up until this point my kids’ favourite book has been Everyone Poops, but Aye Aye Gets Lucky delivers with the perfect line about halfway through the book, “He was so scared he wet himself and pooped upon the ground!” My kids howled with laughter.

Aye-Aye Gets Lucky is part of the ‘Endangered and Misunderstood’ series, shining a spotlight on endangered animals, giving them a relatable stories, filled with humour and adventure.

Aye Aye Gets Lucky

Complete with an interactive section in the back about the endangered Aye-Aye, this book is not only entertaining and educational, but my five, eight and ten year olds all fell in love with it. A proceeds from the sale of each book goes directly towards the conservation of the Aye-Aye.

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The One Thing I Wish I Had During My Multiples Pregnancy

Newborn twins by Nesting Story

Finding out I was pregnant with twins brought such a mix of emotions that I didn’t even know what I really felt at any given time. I knew I was shocked, yet crazy excited, but there were other feelings that I was constantly fighting.

Fear, loneliness and disbelief were clouding my mind. I would smile and laugh, but inside, all I really wanted was to connect with someone who had been through it.

I bought many twin and multiples books, not just for the tips, but mostly for the personal stories. I just wanted to know that what I was experiencing was normal, and to feel a little less alone.

When I was contacted by Megan Woolsey and Alison Lee, and asked to contribute my twin story to their book Multiples Illuminated, I had to turn it down because I had so many projects on the go. Well, I just read their collection of stories and advice from parents of multiples, while on the plane coming home from California and I am kicking myself for not being a part of this amazing group of parents.

This book resonated so deeply within me. I could relate to every story and somehow felt connected to each parent. I swear, at times I could almost feel those two babies inside my tummy again as I read details about other twin pregnancies.


The book has been split up into sections including trying to conceive, pregnancy, labor and delivery, NICU and the first years. Each section is filled with essays from both twin and higher order multiple parents.

Although I am absolutely loving reflecting on my own experience, I would have lived and breathed this book during my twin pregnancy, reading it over again and again.

Here are some of my favourite parts…

I have never heard anyone describe being pregnant with twins so beautifully and accurately…

“How am I going to fit two babies at a time in my body?” I asked the sonographer, gesturing a little wildly at my torso. “I’m a pretty small person.”
She was kind. She smiled. “Bodies find a way,” she said. I’m here to report that, yes, they do. That way is out. That way is sphere. That way is bloom and push and stretch. My hips and pelvis shifted like gears of a clock, and I realized that my body had been full of beautiful, complicated machinery this whole time. I just didn’t know it. -(Belly talk) by Janet McNally

You will also find the most perfect hospital packing list known to the multiples community, by Megan Woolsey.

I had people staring at me on the plane when I was reading this side splitting birth story…

I  put my hair up  in a style that can only be described as “Scare the Neighbours” and pulled on a tank top and a pair of my husband’s SpongeBob silk boxers, declaring myself most decidedly not having babies that night. Husband and dog joined me by my side and feet, respectively.
When you have more than one baby in your belly, you create exactly 5,782 more gallons of amniotic fluid than a singleton pregnancy. At 1:37 a.m., I woke to a popping noise and a release of pressure as though a balloon filled with warm, slimy fluid had been punched out of me. My water didn’t break, it unleaded… all over the dog.
With a start, I yelled, “Holy shit, my water just broke!” I jumped out of bed, hoping one of the babies’ heads would act like a cork and stop the gush. It didn’t. -(Outplan) by Jackie Pick

The next minute I was sobbing…

I never expected parenting would be easy. I only expected babies. What we had before us now was beyond my comprehension. What if they had been born in perfect condition? That would not exempt them from some other harm later in life. It is all a roll of the dice. I would worry just the same. Crying would be a daily occurrence. Waterproof mascara would have been a joke and a waste of time. I trekked daily to two hospitals, holding each baby as often and as long as I could.
Touching them was an undeniable sedative. What small creatures to have such power over my heart. -(Same Time Last Year) by Lexi Rohner

Then eventually nodding my head, relating to my past year with twins…

I didn’t realize during the shock of finding out I was going to be a father of multiples that my wife was also giving birth to the hottest attractions for the casual passerby to “ohhh” and “ahhh” at. In fact, when in public, the only people who don’t seem to acknowledge our existence are the other families with twins. Surprise, right? Maybe after wading through countless people asking, “Twins?” we don’t have the energy to jump in the air and shout “Twin life!” while hitting a mid-air high five. No, usually our eyes stay averted, gifting each other with a moment of tranquility that is quickly interrupted by the next couple seeing twins for what must be the first time, ever.

If you are pregnant with multiples, have multiples, or know someone else who may enjoy this book, it is a MUST HAVE.

You can order your copy of Multiples Illuminated, edited by Megan Woolsey and Alison Lee, at one of the following places:

Barnes & Noble (Nook)

Want to win a copy? Head to Nesting Story’s Facebook page, and all you have to do is leave a comment on this post >click here< about your multiples connection, whether you are pregnant with, have multiples, or know someone with multiples. Don’t forget to LIKE Nesting Story’s Facebook page while you are there!

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Learning To Log-off & Liv On Life – Going To The Park – Book Review And Giveaway!

LOL_Going_To_The_Park_-_Live_Front_CoverI recently had the opportunity to review the beautifully illustrated and cleverly written book Going To The Park from the Liv On Life children’s book series.  This modern story written by Elizabeth Grocery and based on life with her daughter Olivia is wonderfully written, simple and definitely hit home for me.  I was immediately captured by the stunning illustrations and Kajiah Jacobs’ clever use of colour in this book.  Jacobs’ attention to detail, soft lines and playful characters transport you into Liv’s world.

Going To The Park is a book about a little girl named Liv and her dog Bowie.  Liv desperately wants her parents to log off and unplug from work at home so that they can spend un-inturrupted time with Liv and Bowie including taking them to park.  In the end Liv finally gets through to her parents and they take a family trip to the park free of any electronic distractions.


The timing of me reading this book couldn’t be more in sync with my life right now. As Nesting Story has grown exponentially over the past month, the demand it has taken on my time has grown as well. Although I am home with my kids instead of away for hours on end like I used to be when I’d have to leave our home to work on design and mural projects, I am much more distracted and divided. Nesting Story has been my fifth baby for a few years now and to finally see it flourish excites me to no end. Although I am there for snuggles, bath times and play time with our four kids, its those moments when it’s typically the child that is driving you bananas that needs me the most and I’d rather bury myself in my laptop blogging.IMG_3036The main character of this story has an uncanny resemblance to my almost four year old daughter Beau.  From the wild long curls to Liv’s imaginative and wild spirit, the similarities are frightening!  I chuckled to myself when in the book, Liv paints her dolly’s hair with strawberry scented lip gloss.  See my previous post The Destructive Child and you will understand.

Liv_and_doll_PRMy biggest takeaway from Going To The Park is to unplug and put your phone away.  I am learning to compartmentalize and be more present.  One little trick I have learned that works well for myself and my kids is to set a timer.  I will set a timer multiple times throughout the day to divide it into mommy’s work time, snack time, lunch time, playtime, screen time, workbook time and so on….  This defines when I am and am not working.

IMG_3284Going To The Park has quickly become one of Beau’s favourite books.  Here’s the exciting part, I am having a Going To The Park book giveaway!  Just head to Nesting Story’s Facebook page for details on how you can win!!!Giveaway Image 2 Instagram

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