Body Image And Toddler Life (Vlog 6)

body after twinsLast weekend was pretty typical, but fun. We are getting out again and feeling great. I also had lunch with a friend and I found our conversation kept moving to how we feel about our bodies after babies.

In this vlog I talk about how I feel about my body the further away I am from being pregnant, plus get a little glimpse of toddler life through Mia’s eyes.

Basketball, Dance Parties And A Backyard Tour (Vlog 3)

playing basketball with dad

Lately we are planning more and more of our outdoor fun around Mia’s sunscreen allergy. Whether it’s splitting up the kids, or choosing to play in the shade, we are making it work. But nothing beats a great dance party, or two, inside.

In today’s vlog, you will join us in some outdoor and indoor fun, plus I give a tour of our backyard and the mess we created in our home.

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Long Weekend Fun: Fireworks, Photo Shoots And Swimming (Vlog 1)

Untitled design-9Last weekend, here in Canada, was a long weekend. Monday was Victoria day and the weather was beautiful. we spent the entire weekend outside having fun in our backyard and then doing fireworks with our neighbours. On Monday we went to my parent’s house, which is my childhood home and enjoyed a day of swimming.

Well that’s between the five photo shoots we did!

It was fun, but very busy. Here is a behind the scenes peek and also my first official vlog.

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Look I’m Vlogging!

Here it is folks, my first video blog! I have been toying with this idea for a while and decided to just go for it. I will still have the same quantity of written blog posts each week, this is just an extra way to connect more with you! Please leave any questions you have for me in the comments section and I will answer them in future vlogs.

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