This Is How I Am Successfully Losing The Baby Weight

Joanna Fowler July 9, 2015 Family, Self, Lifestyle, Food, Wellness

Successful weightloss after baby 2I have been having a lot of success losing all of the baby weight I put on through my three pregnancies, including my twins that I had 11 months ago. I had worked hard from when my doctor had given me a go ahead to start exercising in September, lost most of the weight and then hit a wall in March, putting back on seven pounds and lost motivation. Since then, I have changed my weight loss mindset to a lifestyle change and the weight has been falling off easily. I have lost five pounds this past week alone and I haven’t been hungry for one second. This is how I have been doing it…

#1 – I have changed how I look at family meals. I had been so stuck on the idea that our family all had to eat the exact same thing and that it would be crazy to cook separate meals. But lets face it, my taste in foods is a not quite the same as my six-year-old, my four-year-old and eleven month old twins. I would fall into this trap of either making them something that I didn’t like, which meant I would pick up take-out after they were in bed. Or I would make this family meal that I knew my kids would eat, but would taste like cardboard to me (see photo below) and I would choke down. Then I would compensate by snacking all evening.IMG_6802I have decided to cut myself loose from the family and go rogue. The “clean” meals include a lot of fruits and vegetables, no sauces and whole grains and complex carbs. These meals are quick and visually appealing which makes them very satisfying. I am also making second, balanced meals for the rest of the family. I think I have been rubbing of on them though. My husband Mike has been eating more like I am and the kids have been reaching for more produce!
Healthy meals for postpartum weightloss#2 – I have been mixing up my exercise routine. I was starting to find my early wake up exercise routine a little mundane, so I have been mixing it up and it has been lots of fun. I have started to try out a lot of different exercises and sports, this week it was kickboxing. It pushes me out of my comfort zone and keeps things exciting. Then, I will grab time most days to do my strength training at home. This is necessary to help sculpt and strengthen my muscles, especially my core, which has been through a lot.Kick boxingI will often grab a walk on my own in the evening after the kids have gone to bed, to just listen to music and unwind. Not only does this enjoyably burn calories, but this is also great for my mental health.IMG_6885#3 – I am eating 3 meals a day and 3 snacks a day. I had lost a lot of the baby weight in the early days by sticking to three meals a day and not snacking. When I was really busy or stressed this would work very well. But when life calmed down even a little I would pig out in the evening thinking “you deserve this.” Then instantly regret it the next morning. By eating three meals plus three snacks a day I never get to that self-sabotage point.

#4 – I am moving every chance I can get. I am a mom of four and when I am not working, I am with my kids. I have made the conscious decision to get out of the house whenever possible during the summer with them. This means lots of walks and trips to farms and splash pads. Many people ask me how I do it with our twins. My answer: I highly rely on our double stroller. Getting Active With The Kids#7 – I’ve cut alcohol out of my diet. I love my wine. I have become a bit of a wine connoisseur in my thirties, including going on wine tours and building my wine collection. I would always love to end my day with a glass of wine. But when you are 5’2″ tall, those calories add up. I have currently cut alcohol from my diet. I am sure once I have hit my weight-loss goal, wine will be the first thing added back to my diet when I am maintaining my goal weight.

#8 – I am drinking A LOT of water. As a busy mom I was often going hours throughout the day meeting everyone else’s needs but mine. I was getting dehydrated almost daily and in-turn, snacking when not really hungry. I am now drinking water all of the time, especially before a meal.

#9 – I am appreciating what my body has gone through, listening to it and being kind to my body. I am constantly in tune with my body and how each food I am eating feels when I am digesting it. I am also being kind to my body, constantly reminding myself about the war it recently went through and thanking it for creating those four perfect people!Weight loss after baby todayDon’t forget to follow Nesting Story on Instagram where I will be posting photos of my progress under the hashtag #mynewbodyafterbaby. I will be expanding on recipes and my weight-loss tips weekly, so make sure you LIKE Nesting Story on Facebook and Subscribe so you don’t miss a thing!

Thank you to Oxygen Pilates and Fitness for helping me step out of my exercise comfort zone!


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  1. This is seriously such an inspiration! I am 37 weeks with our twin girls, and I have an eight year old and six year old (both girls). This summer has been nothing but sitting around and watching tv, pretty much ALL day. I feel awful and tired and awful, and am already overwhelmed with how out of shape I am and how much work I will have after these babies are born. And scared about how much my body has gone through. So thank you for this post – it’s a huge motivator for when I can exercise and eat healthy again! I loved #9 the most.

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