Parenting with intention

mom and four kidsI’m not going to lie. Parenting four kids can be a mad scramble most days. Our house looks like a tornado went through it if we all try to go out together and making sure that baths are done, teeth are brushed and nails are clipped on a regular basis can be a tedious chore.

But as the clouds part and we move out of the baby phase Mike and I are starting to realize that our kids are growing up fast. We’ve had a lot of firsts lately, and many coming up within the near future. While we try to keep on top of everything, we both know we are far from perfect.

School newsletters get missed, appointments are forgotten and we are having breakfast for dinner far too often. But that’s the reality of our life right now.

One thing that we are trying to do more of is parent with intention. One on ones with our older kids are becoming more frequent, and family outings to a restaurant, or to get family photos taken are happening without major meltdowns, (from both our kids and us).

I know that this is our world right now and it’s not always pretty. But if we keep making those connections, creating those memories and parenting with intention, our kids won’t remember the messes left behind and the dishes left in the sink for a couple of days.

Here’s what we have been up to the past week, including outings, family photos, and buying our twins their big girl beds.

Have you started to do anything special with your kids lately, like a special outing? I’d love to hear about it. Please let me know in the comments below.
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