Baby Led Weaning With Our Twins, Day One – Video Included

Joanna Fowler January 16, 2015 Family, Twins

blwThe day finally came to start baby led weaning with our twins and it was such an amazing experience!  Unlike tediously scooping spoonfuls of puree into their mouths like we had with our older kids I sat there speechless watching our girls excitedly exploring something new.  I also recorded the whole thing on video for you to enjoy as well!  The video is a little long but between the adorable twin interaction and my mini freak out when Mia bit off a big chunk of carrot, it is a fascinating video!  Our girls are a few days shy of six months and have been aggressively trying to steal food off of our plates for months now.  I am pretty sure this was the best day of Mia’s life and I am not sure if Everly understood that it was food.

In the video Everly is on the left and Mia is on the right.  Yes, they are twins, despite being very different sizes and looking nothing alike!  Watch how Mia looks to Everly each time she accomplishes picking up a carrot or eating it.  Everly was more interested in stealing Mia’s carrots (sibling rivalry is starting already) than actually eating.  The whole thing is so interesting, adorable and very helpful to prepare other parents who are planning on trying baby lead weaning.

A couple of tips for a smooth start:

Skip the huge high chairs and use Bumbo chairs with trays.  We tried the high chairs the night before and It was too difficult for Mia and Everly to reach their food.  We will re-introduce the high chairs when they are a little bigger and have more of a hang of eating.

Skip the bibs.  Bibs were proving to be too distracting so I found the best approach was have them stripped down to a diaper.

Don’t wait until too late in the day.  The day before we didn’t offer Mia and Everly their food until just before bedtime and they were not interested in it at all.

You can read about why we chose baby led weaning for our twins here.  Don’t forget to follow Nesting Story on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!


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11 thoughts on “Baby Led Weaning With Our Twins, Day One – Video Included”

    1. Haha! As you know Annette I am a VERY relaxed veteran mom! (the floor was very clean)

  1. This is fantastic! I did BLW with my son and he loved it. I agree with the bumbo and eating in their birthday suites. It makes for cleaning up so much more easier and the twins can explore without feeling restricted ;0) Its great sensory too.

  2. The video was just too adorable. What sweet little girls you have there, and the rest of your family is beautiful as well 🙂 I do not have children yet, but we will start trying this spring/summer. Happy to know resources like this exist for the future!!

  3. Thanks for this post! We’re about to try BLW with our 5 1/2 month old (after doing it the traditional way with our older 2 kids) and this was helpful!
    They are cuties 🙂

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