2015 Postpartum Fall Fashion – Venturing Out In Comfort And Style

Joanna Fowler September 28, 2015 Family, Self, Lifestyle, Style

After having my twins, I couldn’t wait to get to the point where I could start venturing out again. After a gruelling pregnancy and c-section, I was beyond ready to re-enter life. Although I was still healing and looking a little pregnant, I wanted to feel stylish, yet comfortable. I made the decision that although my body was still in a state of transition, I would splurge on some key items that weren’t maternity clothes, but would still be comfortable. Doing this boosted my confidence and made me feel pretty while still going through the postpartum stage. This is not a sponsored post.

Why not dress in style this fall while still feeling comfortable while recovering? Here is a chic, yet practical outfit that will get you out of your sweats and enjoying some of this fall’s trends.

2015 Postpartum Fall Fashion 2

Where to find these items:

tank top / high waisted jeggings / sweater  / diaper bag / boots

These high extra high waisted jeggings are perfect to pull up over your leftover tummy. After each of my deliveries I was constantly hot and then cold while my hormones were adjusting. Its important to dress in flowy layers to stay comfortable. These boots are so stylish, but the flat heel keeps them practical so you can tote your little one with you. To top off this outfit I added a stylish and not-so-obvious diaper bag.

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2 thoughts on “2015 Postpartum Fall Fashion – Venturing Out In Comfort And Style”

  1. This is such a true story! Since having the twins my body is not what it used to be and my clothes fit me tight in all the wrong places. I usually get excited for the season by buying new clothes but this year I’ve been hesitant not wanting to buy clothes that I hope won’t fit in a few weeks. I think I need to buy some key pieces that feel good to lift up my spirits! I’m loving the pop of color and lace detail of this shirt.

  2. Ahhh! That in between time when you’re still “pregnant” but the baby is out! I like to start moving and working out as soon as I can but even then my weight doesn’t fall off! Kudos to you for accepting it and making it the best it can be! Maybe there’s an idea there..not maternity clothes put a simply line of post partum clothes! Is be in! Love your style!

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