This Is The Year I Put Myself Back On My To-Do List

Joanna Fowler December 28, 2015 Family, Parenting, Self

IMG_0707I learned within the first couple years of becoming a mother, that losing myself in the process does not make me a better parent. The more I gave and let my world revolve around my children, without taking time for me, the more depressed I felt. I was eventually a miserable person to be around.

It wasn’t until three years after becoming a mom, did I really start to rediscover who I was after having children. I knew I wasn’t the same person I was before having kids, and it was time to figure out who I was.

With a lot of trial and error, time spent with other mom friends and taking breaks for myself, I have figured out new strengths, found my tribe and feel more comfortable (post babies) in my skin than I have ever felt before.

Although I have a lot of exciting things going on in my world, including my kids and husband, I am allowing myself to repeatedly become burnt out over and over again. I have unknowingly created this cycle where I race around each day working, shuffling kids to and from school and daycare, tidying and then repeating the next day without taking enough time for me.

Yes, I have found how to carve some time out to exercise each day, but I don’t feel like I have been feeding my soul.On my to do listOnce upon a time, in a past life, I used to be an artist and an Interior Designer. This is the year that I find time to be creative, to use my talents that have become dormant during motherhood.

I used to laugh and have fun. I don’t laugh enough these days.

I used to push myself our of my comfort zone, including trying new sports. I haven’t been taking enough risks.

This is the year that I put less of my energy, time and patience into worrying about things like work deadlines, my kids, my marriage and my weight. Instead, I will just do.

I will work without over-obsessing.

I will enjoy my kids, lead by example, yell less and be more in tune.


I will continue to create new memories with my husband, let the little things go and allow myself to be more carefree with him.

I will create art and take on some DIY projects in my home.

I will watch less TV, and take hot baths or read instead.

I will eat less calories, but enjoy a glass of wine each day.

I will love my body regardless if I have had a great week full of fitness and healthy eating, or if I have slipped, and had to pull back a little.

I will live in the moment, laugh more and allow myself to experience life’s joy.


What is on your bucket list this year?

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2 thoughts on “This Is The Year I Put Myself Back On My To-Do List”

  1. I loved meeting you at Mom 2.0 in Arizona and talking to you. I was so happy to connect you with Dina and my friends at Baby Center and to be inspired by you. I should comment here more often and let you know, I read what you write. I’m inspired by you and I know others are too! Reading this makes me realize that I need to reflect on 2015 and what I need to do for ME for 2016 to be a better mom, wife and overall happy person. Thank you!!

    1. Sommer, it means so much to me that you read my blog regularly. I am very humbled that I inspire you. Thank you so much again for introducing me to Dina and Baby Center. I hope to see you in California!

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