5 Signs Growing Up With Older Brothers Has Affected Your Parenting

Nesting Story Older Brothers Photo1. After dinner wrestling matches are not just fun, they are mandatory. After dinner while growing up, my two older brothers, my younger sister and I (my sister and I were usually only wearing diapers) would race down to our basement with our dad and have a massive brawl. I am pretty sure this was my mom’s favourite time of the day. These days I turn to my husband after dinner with a knowing look and herd our rowdy kids into another room with him while I clean the dishes in peace and quiet.

2. Your casual use of potty words. I’m not talking swear words, I’m talking actual potty words. For example: the everyday use of the words puke, fart or taking a dump. You think this is the norm until your kid tells you in front of another parent “I need to use the bathroom, but I can’t because someone’s is in there taking a dump”. That parent then gives you a look that’s cross between puzzled and disgusted. You realize you may not be teaching your kids proper kiddie etiquette. Woops!

3. You hear yourself saying, “let them fight it out”. I would definitely consider myself a relaxed “free-range” parent. Nothing drives me crazier than when I am at a play date and another parent is constantly scolding little bobby because they think he may not be playing nice. Relax mama, let’s let nature take its course while we sit for five minutes or at least until blood is drawn. Which takes me to number four…

4. The game is over when someone is crying or bleeding. The only way to get anything done when you have four kids is to banish them to another room, cross your fingers and hope for the best!

5. Your taste in music. As a child my friends were all listening to New Kids On The Block and Madonna while I was rocking my grunge look listening to Beastie Boys, Smashing Pumpkins and Radiohead. Kids, can we please turn off Taylor Swift?