Summer Fashion Haul: Dressy Shorts, Cute Overalls and Casual Dresses

Summer fashion haul

As the first couple weeks of summer passed by filled with braving the heat and humidity and then switching to bundling up, working at my desk in our air-conditioned house, I observed a pattern occurring… I would jump from super slouchy shorts and t-shirts to oversized sweats. When it came to date night I was constantly opting for my dressy sweatpants, (still too warm), but my super dressy sundresses were overdressed for our favourite date night outings: dinner or a movie.

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I didn’t feel amazing about myself to be honest. I watched other mothers drop off their kids at camp before heading to work in the cutest outfits. I’d look down at my dull, super casual outfit, in what looked more like I was going to go home to garden, than the reality; heading home to run my company that I built from the ground up.

I definitely had some wardrobe holes that needed filling.

Although I knew I could have done all of this shopping online, another work-from-home-mom-truth was nagging at me; I needed to get out of my house and spend some time around people. So I headed out the mall on a summer fashion mission and scored big time.

First up… casual sundresses that can be worn all day.

black Gap kinit dress

Shop Gap summer dresses here.

I found these three dresses at Gap and I am thrilled with the fit and comfort level. The black and pink dresses are a beautiful knit and the lime green dress is airy and fun. I bought each of them in a size small (I am 5’2″).

pink gap knit dress
Gap lime green dress

Shop this dress here.

Okay, so I’ve wanted overalls for a long time. For some reason I got it in my head that I couldn’t pull them off after having kids and birthing my twins via c-section grand finale. I almost walked out of Gap eyeballing a cute light-washed pair without trying them on but thought, “ugh, let’s just see.”

Gap overalls for a casual summer fashion look

Ahhhh! I am in love with my new overalls. They are so cute and so comfy and I don’t think they scream mom tummy at all. You will never catch me lounging around my house in a pair of jeans, but these babies are so cozy and loose in the tummy area. Hands down my favourite score of the day. I bought these overalls in a size small.

Shop Gap overalls here.

Last year a bought a bunch of dressy joggers from Dynamite and have been obsessed with them ever since. Could it be possible that I could find a shorts version of this wardrobe essential?

Spring 2018 style - black tank
Dressy joggers I bought last year from Dynamite.

Yes! They do exist!

Dynamite shorts perfect summer outfit

Shop Dynamite belted shorts here.

I bought two beautiful pairs of dressy shorts (size medium) from Dynamite and paired them with another summer fashion favourite of mine… thick tank tops (size small). I basically live in these double layered, stretchy tank tops from Dynamite and Zara. I love them because they smooth out lumps and bumps, hold everything in and create a beautiful shape.

Dynamite shorts perfect summer fashion find

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about my body type it’s that I suit having tight clothing on the top and loose on the bottom, or vice versa. It creates balance and give the illusion of height.

My last find was a couple of big fun t-shirts from Zara, perfect for jeans and jean shorts.

Zara t-shirt summer fashion

My little summer fashion shopping spree was a huge success and I have been living in these outfits ever since. You can watch as I share my haul and try on everything here…

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