Spring outfits you will love – Spring wardrobe style guide

Joanna Fowler April 25, 2018 Blog, Lifestyle, Style

Nesting Story - 2018 spring Style guide

A couple times a year I overhaul my wardrobe. I start by thinking, “what is my style this season? Who do I want to be and what is my style going to look like this spring?” Then I gather inspirational style photos and begin planning out my new looks.

Here’s the thing, I am a 5’2″ thirty-five-year-old mom of four. So A. I am not always on top of the hot new trends, and B. I’m not sure if the hot new trends would suit my body type, or my age. So, I make sure that my style reflects my personal taste (feminine, cool and slightly bohemian) and suits my lifestyle (a self-employed woman who has often has events and meetings to attend, slightly athletic and a busy mom).

Oh, did I mention I’m also on a budget? Most of these looks are very budget friendly with a timeless, worth-the-higher-price piece thrown in here and there.

Although I’m a shortie with a busload of kids, that doesn’t mean these looks wouldn’t suit everyone. Younger, older, kid-free, taller, you name it!

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I just discovered kimonos and I’m in love! Where have they been all my life? I love this look because it’s cool, fresh and comfy.

Spring 2018 style - kimono and basic white tee

Spring 2018 style - kimono and basic white tee

Spring 2018 style - kimono and basic white tee

Shop the look: Kimono – Forever 21, White gathered T-shirt – Zara, Jeans – (similar) American Eagle, Sandals – Billabong , Sunglasses – Ray-Ban -Aviators, Necklace – H&M, Rings – Aldo

So my one of my three-year-old twin daughters and I have a thing for pjs and sweatpants. Seriously, I walk in my home after a day at an event in the city and the first thing I do is put on baggy sweats. So when I found a pair of dressy joggers that I could wear to events, I fell in love.

Spring 2018 style - black tank Spring 2018 style - black tank

Shop the look: Pants – Dynamite, Tank top – Dynamite, Shoes – Le Chateau, Necklace – H&M, Watch – H&M, Rings – Aldo, Sunglasses – Michael Kors,

2018 Nesting Story Spring Style Guide

I recently took up running again and have been loving it. I thought I could be a long-distance runner, but soon realized I hit my limit at around 2km. But that still makes me a runner, right? Regardless of how far I run, I quickly realized that I needed a running jacket that could take me through our crazy Canadian spring weather. After looking everywhere I finally found this jacket which was perfect…plus it’s pink which is my favourite!

Spring 2018 style - athletic

Shop the look: Running jacket – Nike, Running shoes – Asics, Sunglasses – Ray-Ban Aviators, Leggings – (similar) Lululemon,  Sweatshirt – Gap

I bought a couple form-fitting skirts a couple years back and never ended up wearing them. I finally decided that they needed to be paired with a breezy long jacket. When I found this one I knew it was the perfect match!

Spring 2018 style - formal look Shop the look: Jacket – Le Chateau, Watch H&M

I had been looking for over a year for a cardigan that I loved. I finally found it and I have been wearing it constantly.

Spring 2018 Style guide - casual

Shop the look: Cardigan – American Eagle, Watch – H&M, Rings – Aldo, T-shirt – Zara, Sunglasses – Ray-Ban Aviators, Bracelet – H&M, Necklace – H&M, 

Nesting Story Spring 2018 Style Guide

I am speaking at an upcoming conference and I knew that I needed a fashionable, but “take me seriously” kind of outfit. When I saw these dressy joggers and a sleeveless blouse, I was sure that I had found my power outfit.

Spring style guide - work attire

Shop the look: Shoes – Le Chateau, Pants – Dynamite, Top – Forever 21, Watch – H&M, Sunglasses – Michael Kors

I have found myself moving further away from the more structured blazers and embracing flowy tops instead. This blazer is a more relaxed style which is still professional, but a little less “can I sell you life insurance?”

spring style guide - floral print

Shop the look: Jeans – Gap, T shirt – Zara, Bag – H&M, Sandals – Le Chateau, Floral blazer – Forever 21, Sunglasses – Michael Kors, Watch – H&M

My absolute favourite place to buy dresses is BCBG. This one is is so comfy and pretty!

Spring style guide - formal Spring style guide - formal

Shop this look: Dress – BCBG

So, how exactly do I approach my seasonal wardrobe switchover? Watch as I gather inspiration, pull items from my wardrobe that I already  have and put my new wardrobe together, all on a budget. I use this method at least twice a year, which helps me save money because I am not mindlessly shopping all year round.

Part one…

Part two…

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  1. First of all I have to say this you do not look like you have a 4 year old kid. You look wonderful. Thanks for doing this post as I was seeing lot of kimonos in the market but was not sure how to pair them up so that they look good and not end up looking like a cape or night robe.
    Your pairing looks amazing. Thanks again for doing this I will keep a follow up on your blog.

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