I Am Choosing To Focus On What Is In My Control

untitled-1-of-1-3I have been wanting to say something all week and have been struggling to find the words. I am struggling because I don’t want to alienate anyone, or create more upheaval. I want to find a way to state how I feel which can facilitate healing at a time when our world has been turned upside-down.

I have gone back and forth debating if I should say anything at all. Do I even have a place weighing in as a white Canadian woman?

Yes, I do.

The truth is, I have felt physically ill all week. My body has been in shock, my mind has been racing and my heart has been heavy. It has been hard to get on with my day-to-day tasks when I can feel the world broken.

It wasn’t until I read my friend’s article that I finally felt like someone had perfectly articulated how I felt, or even better yet, given myself and my husband a new perspective to see things from. I strongly encourage you to read her article: To my friends who voted for Trump & claim they aren’t racist. – Baby Making Machine.

I want you to know that I am against hate. I am against racism, bigotry, misogyny, homophobia, and bullying of any kind.

So? What now? I had no bearing on this election. Up until this point I have felt helpless.

Until now.

This is what I have decided I can do.

I will focus on what I do have control over.

I can stand with those who are hurting. I can raise my children to be loving, accepting, strong people. I can choose love.

I can look inward and see where I need to change. That I should widen my circle of friends, listen more, get to know other families in my community better, learn more, be a voice and a safe-haven to those who need it.

I will continue to share my life, my experiences as a mother/wife/friend/sister/daughter, my missteps, my triumphs, my failures, all while constantly striving to lead by example.

I am hurting, but I am hopeful.

I choose love and I hope you do too.