Preparing For Multiples: The SECOND Change Table

Joanna Fowler July 2, 2015 Family, Home, Organization

Two Change Tables

When I initially started planning for our twins, I tried to keep all of the baby stuff to a minimum. But the more I researched, I started to realized that we needed a command centre in our family room, right next to our kitchen. After initially turning down a second change table that my sister-in-law offered, I gave in thinking having another spot to change our babies, without heading up the stairs to our second floor each time, might not be a bad idea.

Twins nursery-34

Mia and Everly’s nursery

Little did we know that our second change table would house much more than diapers. We basically lived out of that change table for the first six months. We barely had to head upstairs to the nursery. Below is a list of the contents from our second change table.

The Second Change Table

Our second change table

Contents of our second change table:

  • diapers
  • wipes
  • diaper cream
  • thermometer
  • nose aspirator
  • receiving blankets
  • warm blankets
  • sleepers
  • onesies
  • shoes
  • socks
  • toys
  • baby carrier
  • baby wrap
  • bibs
  • toys
  • extra change pad covers

So, if you are preparing your home for multiples, I highly recommend adding a second change table to whatever part of your home you spend the most time in!

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  2. What do you recommend in terms of car seats and strollers for twins? There is an overwhelming number of options for a new mother! Thanks!

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