Neutral fall decor home tour

Joanna Fowler October 4, 2018 Home, Seasonal

I really didn’t like my old, weathered, brightly coloured fall decorations anymore. September had hit and everything pumpkin spiced had exploded everywhere, yet I couldn’t drag myself to the bin in my basement which housed my fall decor.

Then it dawned on me… we have hit this magical age with our kids, where I  can put something pretty on a table, or a shelf and tell my kids, “this is a decoration, please don’t touch it,” and they actually listen. In case you are wondering, this magical age is four. At least that is the age of our youngest… twins.

This was it, time to upgrade and switch out our fall decor. Our old fall decorations consisted of bright oranges and yellow, reflective of the colours I surrounded myself with in our old home. But for the past few years, I have really been appreciating neutrals, and natural textures over bright colours. There’s something about this fresh, soft and cozy palette that makes me feel so relaxed.

So I began pulling inspiration from all over the place. I combed through our existing decor (both seasonal and everyday), and walked around our home deciding which areas were going to get dressed up for autumn.

After some shopping at Michaels and HomeSense, as well as a stop at a local farm, I was ready to execute my vision.

You can watch the full transformation in the video below.

I have been so thrilled with how it has turned out and cannot wait to host family and friends over this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. Oh, and you may be wondering, how have the decorations stood up to our four kids? Really well. Except, they are very interested in the acorns… they are constantly being moved. I’m not sure what’s so fascinating about acorns.

fall decor

modern fall mantle

neutral fall centrepiece

natural fall decor

neutral fall decor




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