Losing The Baby Weight – What I Have Learned So Far

Joanna Fowler November 11, 2015 Family, Self, Lifestyle, Wellness

Here are six real life lessons I have learned while losing the baby weight. I have found that losing the weight while trying to balance so many other people and responsibilities is a process.

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4 thoughts on “Losing The Baby Weight – What I Have Learned So Far”

  1. Great tips! You are so well spoken and eloquent!
    I’m three months postpartum with my second child and boy, this time around is definitely more challenging! At this point, I’m only 8 pounds away from my pre-baby weight BUT my body is “soft” all over. We all have our own goals. For me, it’s not so much getting back to that number on the scale but I want to feel firm and strong again! I want my core strength back and my arms & legs to feel toned again, not to mention the derriere! But as you said, patience is key – it took us 40 weeks to grow a baby. It’ll most likely take that much time (at the very least) to be back at a weight/size I’m happy with. And celebrating your body and what it has accomplished is such a refreshing approach rather than punishing and putting yourself down. When you think about it, what our bodies have done is absolutely astounding. It was a journey for our body to create life, now it’s a different journey that requires determination, patience and compassion fpr ourselves. Thank you for the great piece!

    1. Thanks so much Patricia. Yes, it’s definitely a process. I completely have the same goals of being strong and firm again. Stick with it!

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