I Have Found The Most Comfortable Bra In The World

Joanna Fowler August 20, 2015 Lifestyle, Style

Trying on bras at Victoria's SecretTrying on bras at Victoria’s Secret, embracing the red-light-district-esque lighting.

My boobs have been through a lot. I have breastfed four babies, including tandem nursing twins. They have grown and shrunk through three pregnancies and have ranged in size any where from a B-cup to a D-cup. Now that I am finished having babies, it was time to find the right bra.

When it comes to bras, comfort is number one. I bought my first bra near the end of elementary school. I was an early-bloomer and had to shop for support from an early age. But up until recently, I never found a bra that fit me like a glove, was flattering and really comfortable. I would always put up with a bra while at school, and then at work, later in life. Then, as soon as I walked through the door, the first thing I would do was whip off that bra, and enjoy freedom within the comfort of my home.

brasI recently made the decision to set out to find the most comfortable bra in the world. I would occasionally think I had come close, but then the nagging pinch from an underwire or crease from a strap would drive me out of my mind. That was until I found it, the Body By Victoria – Demi Bra, from Victoria’s Secret (no, this is not a sponsored post).

Body by Victoria bra

This bra has everything! It’s low cut, has light memory foam for extra support, it conforms to my curves and rounds out and perks up my boobs without making me look like a hooker. The best feature: it is made out of nylon/spandex that makes it super soft and stretchy. This bra is actually more comfortable than a sports bra! It comes in smooth nude fabrics, great for wearing under a T-shirt as well as some sexier lace designs, perfect for date night with Mike!

Tip: make sure you follow your gut when finding the right fit. I have been measured as a 34C many times in bra shops, and against my best judgement, went with that size. Sure enough I would find myself with bras that are too tight around my ribs and gaping in the boob section. I know from actually trying bras on, I am a 36B. So, this time, although I was once again told I was a 34C, I put my foot down and went with a 36B. Heaven. Pure heaven.collage bras

Even if this isn’t YOUR perfect bra, I highly recommend that you keep looking until you find a bra that fits you right. It will completely change your mood, give you more patience with your family and increase your confidence!

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3 thoughts on “I Have Found The Most Comfortable Bra In The World”

  1. I used to love Victoria’s Secret, but over the years, it seems that they have started lacking in quality. It used to make sense to spend that kind of money on their products because they would last forever! But now I am lucky if they don’t fall apart within 6 months, and lets face it… For the price, it just isn’t worth it to replace those things every 6 months when you are on a very tight budget. Now, I really enjoy the Hanes Comfort something. After birthing and nursing 4 kids, I find that underwire is extremely irritating to me. The Hanes come in S, M, L, XL, so they take out the annoyance of trying on 10 different sizes. I love the non underwire and they are smooth and seamless. I forget I even have a bra on! The best part is that they are not only extremely comfy (I used to whip off my bra upon walking through the door as well!) but they are very affordable. I don’t have to make a special trip to the mall-I can find them at Walmart for under $15 for each.
    I agree-a good bra is well worth the time and effort. Women should try on all different styles and price ranges to find a good fit.

  2. I forgot to mention- I have had my Hanes bras for going on a year now… No rips, tears, or misshapen areas. Still just as comfy as when I first bought it.
    Love the blog!

  3. I am an F34. I have finally accepted the fact that I can’t buy bras at generic stores like Victoria’s Secret/La Senza, etc. I wish I could…but the time & energy I spend trying desperately to find bras there that actually fit properly and offer great support are always a total waste and completely frustrating. I now only go to specialty stores like Melmira (Yonge & Lawrence, Toronto) and Secrets from your Sister (Bloor & Bathurst, Toronto). I don’t work for either of these stores…but I mention them because they have totally changed this part of my life!

    Yes, these types of stores are WAY more expensive, but the staff are incredible, and the bras/panties last for years! AND the best part is that I’ve finally found sexy bras in my size that make me look & feel amazing.

    TIP: I never put my bras or favourite undies in the washer or dryer. The heat ends up loosening the fabric over time. I now only use a product called SOAK. You “soak” your garments in warm water and a capful of SOAK, rinse, then let air dry. My bras always end up going back to their original shape, and smelling lovely. Hope this helps other women in similar situations!!

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