Age spots and staining on my face? Nope, It’s Melasma

Joanna Fowler August 23, 2018 Blog, Lifestyle, Beauty

Melasma Visia photos

Ready for a confession? I sleep with my makeup on. Well, at least until a couple of days ago I slept with my makeup on.

How did I get to a place where I did not care that I was going to bed with a full face of makeup, more times than not? I was waking up, dragging my finger under my eyes to get rid of any night-time smudging and felt pretty decent heading out to my kids’ drop-offs.

I know. Ew, right?

When I think back, I think about how I was one of the lucky ones who’s acne cleared up as I moved out of my teenage years, just as life got busier and busier. Before I knew it I had four kids, was running my own business that often requires on-camera makeup and boom…. trading any time I could have given to my skin for a nightly Netflix binge with my husband.

But over the last few years, as I wiped and washed my makeup away, mid-morning, I thought, “girl, you look rough.” That was odd because I am getting a lot more sleep now than I did back when my four kids were really little. I also started to wonder if all of the makeup that I was piling on a few times a week was staining my face. Especially my forehead and cheekbones.

But I went on with my neglecting my skin.

The day before my 35th birthday, a family member mentioned that I might begin noticing sun spots soon. They were common within my family, so I took a mental note to ramp up my sunscreen, not just worry about applying sunscreen to my kids.

The next day, there it was, almost taunting me. An age spot perched proudly on my cheekbone. Okay, maybe it had been there for a while and I was looking for one, but it oddly jumped out at me as if to say “happy birthday Joanna!”

Not cool, 35, not cool.

I made a note to point my new friend out to my dermatologist next time I went in for my light dusting of Botox. Yes, I get Botox and it took me a long time to pull the trigger and I love it. My body, my choice right?

Earlier this week as I settled into ICLS’s comfy procedure chair, I turned to the specialist that I see, and said, “what can we do about this age spot?”

She started asking a bunch of questions, including wanting to know what my skin care routine was. I told her… non-exsistant. Then she brought in another specialist and the doctor. They looked closely, took some Visia photos, and confirmed, I have Melasma.

Melasma Visia photo

Melasma, otherwise know as pregnancy mask is a hyperpigmentation, creating tan patches of skin on my face caused by hormonal changes. This was most likely sparked by the hormonal changes during my pregnancies, especially my grande finale, twins.

I was told maybe there could be a small sun spot nestled in there, but what I was seeing going on with my face was indeed Melasma.

So, what are we doing about it? First of all, I am establishing a skincare routine. ICLS kindly gifted me all kinds of goodies, and I am excited to share them and my skincare journey with you.

Universkin ICLS

First, ICLS formulated a very unique Universkin product tailor made for me. Based on Dr. Sapra and Kelli’s recommendations, the Uiverserskin product is a serum completely specific to me and my skin care concerns. This is exciting because unlike most skin care products available, Universkin avoids the “one-size-fits-all” approach and focuses on what I need.

ICLS Universkin

Next I was sent home with a Clarisonic Brush. The Clarisonic Brush is quite unique as well as it cleanses 6x deeper than regular manual cleansing. Which means it’s much better than my hands, or in my case, none at all.

Those, along with a cleanser, and an SPF and I am on my way. Seriously, I am super excited to actually have some direction with how to care for my skin. I have heard one too many times lately when I go makeup free, “are you sick?” I have also become way too reliant on my all over foundation and the layer of makeup that was getting thicker and thicker each year.

I will keep you updated with my new skincare journey. I want to know from you, do you have a skin care routine? Do you have any problem areas that come with your skin, and if so has age, or pregnancy impacted it?

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2 thoughts on “Age spots and staining on my face? Nope, It’s Melasma”

  1. Im glad your talking about this as a couple years I noticed dark spots on my face as well. My mother in law asked if I wanted her “old age cream”. lol! But its melasma. I found Thayers witch hazel, its a toner that I put on then Tartes h20 moisturizer. I never used to care about makeup on or off at bed time But I definitely take care of my skin now!

  2. Hi there, I’m curious, other than skin care was a sunscreen recommended? This is a major reason for brown spots and melasma getting worse. And the products you have in your photo there are quite harsh, so they can make your skin extra sensitive to UV rays. That would make sunscreen even more pertinent. Speaking of sleeping with makeup on, you may want to try makeup with SPF on top of you suncreen layers! Also if you’re going to sleep in makeup, use high quality mineral makeup!

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