I’ve Decided To Start Clocking Out From My Mom Job

This morning I woke up and I was already done. My "patience bucket," as we call it in our house was empty and I was running on fumes. As I finally sat down to my now cold breakfast, after racing around getting my four kids their food first, my five year old started grunting like an animal, gesturing at the napkins in front of me. I glared back at her, seething with frustration, and said, "mommy, may I have a napkin please? That is what I need to hear if you are going get a napkin." She rolled her eyes and repeated the words with a twinge of angst in her voice. I passed her the napkin as I used every fibre in my body to hold back the explosion bubbling below the surface. As I drove everyone around to school and daycare, thirty hectic minutes later, I could feel [...] Read more

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