Nesting Story - 2018 spring Style guide

Spring outfits you will love – Spring wardrobe style guide

A couple times a year I overhaul my wardrobe. I start by thinking, "what is my style this season? Who do I want to be and what is my style going to look like this spring?" Then I gather inspirational style photos and begin planning out my new looks. Here's the thing, I am a 5'2" thirty-five-year-old mom of four. So A. I am not always on top of the [...] Read more

How to pull off a 2018 spring wardrobe refresh

Spring has sprung – or at least it has in the fashion world. With the drab and winter-like weather we’ve had around here, I’ve decided to take on purging my closet and developing a new and improved wardrobe. Let me tell you, the bright spring colours and floral patterns I’ve been seeing in store have made me hopeful that spring is really about to start. Maybe you’re also looking forward [...] Read more

How I took my body back after having four kids - Nesting Story

How I took my body back after having four kids – every single secret to losing weight and loving my body

Have you ever felt like you have no control over your body? Ever since I can remember, I was always the chubby member of my family. It saddens me to reflect on how much I obsessed about my weight, even as a child. My body was always my enemy. Even as I grew into an adult, occasionally stuck to a diet and lost some weight, I was always experiencing inner [...] Read more

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