The New Way I Am Approaching Weight Loss And Loving My Body

Joanna Fowler January 4, 2016 Family, Parenting, Twins, Lifestyle, Wellness

My new approach to weightloss2015 was a year I not only got to know my body after four kids (including twins), but love and appreciate it’s new curves and past accomplishments. I knew that I wasn’t completely done my weight loss and strengthening journey, and always kept my weight at the top of my to-do list.

I would tend to deprive myself of foods I really loved, or activities I wanted to participate in because I hadn’t “hit my goal yet.”

But, while away on vacation, something within me shifted. I thought, “screw it, I am going to treat myself occasionally, strut around the beach in a bikini and LIVE.”

Body after babyI had fun with my kids and enjoyed an occasional dessert. At one point I did have to reel it in, and I ditched my Florida vice: cereal.

American cerealFact: Did you know that American Corn Pops are completely different than Canadian (where I live) Corn Pops? I have to give the U.S. this one, because your Corn Pops are WAY better. Also,¬†Cracklin’ Oat Bran is not sold in Canada… the more you know!

But something really interesting happened. I stopped stress eating. I was feeling happy and satisfied, and not feeling like I wanted to binge eat and watch T.V. while my kids napped.

When I got home I decided to weigh myself, preparing for a five pound weight gain. I hadn’t kept up with my 20 minute workouts during my three-week vacation, so I knew I had done some damage.

My jaw dropped when I realized I had only gained one pound!

This has completely changed my way of thinking about my weight, and how I am going to approach my lifestyle this year. Instead of making losing weight my number one goal for 2016, like it is EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. What if I make happiness, living, thriving and laughing at the top of my list?

I will be resuming my 20 minute workouts this week, but I will make sure they are fun, and enjoyable. I will carve out more time for things I enjoy and moments of relaxation, so I don’t burn myself out and end up comfort-eating.

Maybe having “lose those last ten pounds” as my New Year’s resolution, does more damage than good? Maybe that’s too much pressure, and it is setting myself up to fail?

Okay 2016, I am ready to LIVE!

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3 thoughts on “The New Way I Am Approaching Weight Loss And Loving My Body”

  1. I know.. this happens to me always!! I always get too stressed out and find myself craving for comfort foods!! I think the key to weight loss is to keep ourselves at peace and happiness and that itself helps in sticking to a healthy lifestyle

  2. I definitely feel that pressure too since having my twins. I’ve never felt so disconnected from my own body. But then I remember that when I was growing up, my mom was in the military and wore a camo uniform and combat boots to work every week, and I still thought she looked beautiful! I have no doubt your little girls (and son!) think of you as a beautiful princess the way all little girls think of their moms. I think little kids don’t necessarily connect beauty with size or shape or aesthetics the way that adults do… Beauty is all based on love. Thinking about it this way helps me to refocus my prioritites when I start feeling down about myself.

    And by the way, you look great and like you’re really enjoying yourself!

  3. Great article! I had a rough time losing the weight after my second (I went back to pre-baby weight immediately after my first so this was a bit of a shock) but after time, I began to realize that I love my body and all of the “imperfections” because it’s completely amazing that it was able to grow another human!

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