Laundry Room Reveal – Our Dream Basement Laundry Room

This post was created in partnership with LG Electronics Canada Inc. When I walk into a space I can immediately visualize the potential and how I would transform it. When … Continue reading “Laundry Room Reveal – Our Dream Basement Laundry Room”

This post was created in partnership with LG Electronics Canada Inc.

When I walk into a space I can immediately visualize the potential and how I would transform it. When we were hunting for a larger family home over seven years ago I had to do some major visualizing when we walked into our current home as the perspective buyers. 

The entire house had been painted dark blue and dark brown. To say it was somber would be an understatement. Despite the gloomy décor I could picture it all, and the large backyard and big unfinished basement sold me. 

Initially we didn’t know how long we would be living in our home. Although spacious and near the school we loved, it was a builder house and a bit cookie cutter for our tastes. We had always discussed moving further into the country and finding a home that was a little more unique. 

But as the years have gone by, we have fallen deeper and deeper in love with our house. But what has really sold us on it is the fact that we decided to break that cookie cutter mold, turn it on its head, and make it our own.

The first big change was to create a large dream laundry room that would function well for our family of six and the perfect location for it was in our basement. This meant that our old laundry room, which straddles our kitchen and garage, is now a dedicated mudroom. Double score!

I had always envisioned a laundry room that is warm and pretty, yet very functional, and I truly think we have achieved just that. 

We were able to hide the existing electrical panel with MDF and Metrie trim. Then we painted it the same colour as the walls to have it blend in. 

I had always wanted a focal wall with a bit of relief from so much cabinetry. A floating shelf with decorative items on it has brought some colour and personality into this room. I was able to find all of the accessories and stool for our laundry room at HomeSense.

I fell in love with these plant art pieces as soon as I found them. The green brings some much needed freshness and life into the room, making you almost forget that it is located in our basement, especially when there aren’t any windows.

For the tile backsplash we opted for peel and stick tiles. We had never tried them before and wanted to see if it would be worth the time saved. Although easy to install they were more expensive than regular tile and we probably wouldn’t choose to use peel and stick tile again.

Opting for grey cabinets from Ikea was also a great way to bring some colour into this space. The Ikea laminate countertop gives the illusion of butcher block, but it is a lot more durable and budget friendly. I love how much warmth the countertop brings into the room.

We chose to hang our ironing board on the wall and left space for a future drying rack.

I think the biggest annoyance our family experiences with all of the laundry we accumulate as a family of six is the finished loads sitting in laundry baskets, waiting to be folded, hanging around our house. Once we complete washing and drying all of our four kids’ clothing, we have filled four laundry baskets. Those baskets were constantly taking up floor space in our laundry room, or overtaking our dining room table.

A simple wall-mounted wire shelving system has solved that problem. Having a dedicated home for all of our laundry baskets has been a dream come true!

But I think our favourite new addition has been our new LG TWINWash®with LG SideKick™ pedestal washer. Mike and I actually look forward to doing the laundry now. Mike has the LG SmartThinQ®app on his phone, which notifies him when a load is done. The capacity is amazing, allowing us to move through our family’s laundry faster.

The LG SideKick™ has been used constantly for everything from sandy gloves brought home from school to a red shirt here and there. I love that I don’t need to waste water when I need to wash a small load and I can easily separate an item while continuing to wash the rest of our clothes. The laundry set is also Energy Star efficient making using it easier on the environment and our pockets!

It’s safe to say we are absolutely head over heels about our new laundry room. Breaking the rules with our home’s layout and making it work for our family has made us fall even deeper in love with our house. I cannot wait to continue with the rest of our renovations we have planned and take you with us on our family’s journey.

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