Goldie Blox

I saw this product a couple of months ago and I thought it was fantastic. Goldie Blox is a new educational toy specifically designed for girls. The designer is a female engineer who saw the lack of educational engineering toys geared towards girls that used problem solving skills. The toy is cleverly designed with mechanics themed around a book about a character named Goldie. Using ribbons, cranks and blocks, your little one can engineer a solution to Goldie’s predicament.


This idea made me think a lot about my own daughter Beau, who is almost two. My husband Mike, who is a Civil Engineer will spend hours with our 3 ½ year old son building these elaborate hot wheels tracks and although Beau will get a turn here and there to race a car down the track we naturally play with her with her dolls, her toy kitchen and indulge in the fact that she loves doing housework. But, do we ever really sit down with her and try to build anything? Yes, she is young and doesn’t seem overly interested in engineering, but have we truly planted the seed to have an interest? I will definitely get in line to purchase this toy for her.