How To Create Fast, Easy And Long Lasting Beachy Curls

Joanna Fowler February 23, 2015 Lifestyle, Beauty

Hair tutorialThe tutorial request I get the most is for hair tutorials.  Hair has always been my thing.  Ever since I got my first set of rollers, I have been hooked!  I am always experimenting and trying to emulate other hairstyles whether it’s braids, up-do’s etc… but my constant go-to hairstyle is beachy curls.  I partly love this style because I can spend a bit of time one day creating this look and then manipulate my hair with different braids, twists and up-dos for two or three days before washing it again.  Let’s face it, as a busy mom I do not have time to style or even wash my hair everyday.  Here it is, I hope you enjoy it!

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