The Dentist, Anxiety And A Hair Emergency (Vlog 2)

Joanna Fowler May 31, 2016 Family, Parenting

the dentistTaking all four kids out by myself has become easier and easier, and last week proved that. I took Holden and Beau to the dentist with our twins in tow and it couldn’t have gone smoother. I think the fact that Holden and Beau are becoming more independent is making a huge difference.

Also, in this vlog I open up about my anxiety, and how it peaked recently but what I did to take control again.

Oh, and if life isn’t crazy enough, Beau came home from school with a hair emergency. Watch all of this and more on the today’s vlog…

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One thought on “The Dentist, Anxiety And A Hair Emergency (Vlog 2)”

  1. I have so much anxiety of the dentist. I have a huge gag reflex and it is hard. I have locked myself In a room because I was so scared. So I am fine now

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