How to Have a Successful Newborn Photography Shoot, Plus Go Behind the Scenes

Joanna Fowler December 3, 2014 Family, Parenting, Twins

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One of my favourite first memories of life with my twin girls was their incredible newborn photography shoot.  Anyone who is on the fence about doing a newborn photography shoot, trust me… do it!!!!!!  I actually hadn’t planned on doing one.  I was so focused on getting these little people out of my body and navigating life with four kids that I didn’t even bother setting one up.  Then a photographer friend of mine referred me to a local photographer who was looking for twin girls to add to her portfolio… it was perfect.  So within the last days of my pregnancy the date was booked.collage

Six days into being a family of six we left our older kids with my parents and ventured out to our  newborn photography shoot.  As we walked through the doors of Sarah Martin Photography and Ooh Ooh Darling‘s photography studio and my jaw dropped.  I had full blown studio envy!  Sarah and Christin had the most incredible loft space complete with exposed brick, pine floors and oozing with vintage and eclectic charm.  collage 2

Mike and I confidently handed off our girls to Sarah and Christin and spent the next four hours relaxing with our feet up.  Other than a few peeks here and a feeding there, the entire experience was bliss.collage 3

Here are 10 tips to help your twin newborn session go as smoothly as ours:

Tip 1: Do your research.  We got very lucky to be paired with incredibly talented photographers and mommies to boot.  Keep in mind that whoever you choose will be handling your bundles for multiple hours and placing them in intricate poses.  The studio should be quite warm, the photographer should be fine with being peed and pooped on and they should know how to sooth a baby.  They better know what they are doing!

Tip 2: You get what you pay for.  Don’t just choose a photographer because they are offering a discount.  This is not the time to cheap out for reasons in Tip 1.

Tip 3: Keep the photography session as close to delivery day as possible.  The newer the baby, the sleepier the baby.  Try to book the photoshoot within a week of when your little ones are born.  Ours was on day 6.

Tip 4: Try to keep your little ones awake before the shoot.  Aim for at least one hour of awake time.  Then they will be so tuckered out by the time the session starts they will be in la la land the entire time.

Tip 5: Feed right before the shoot.  After the awake time fill your little one’s tummies just before it’s time to start.  If possible provide the photographer with a bottle of pumped milk or formula.  Be prepared to nurse multiple times during the shoot to keep that belly full!

Tip 6: Back off!!!  We easily passed off our girls to the photographers without a second thought.  Maybe because we weren’t first time parents or maybe we knew how rare it was to be childless for a few hours and we were more than okay to take advantage of the break.  The last thing the photographer needs is you micromanaging their vision and being all up in their space.

Tip 7: Clear your schedule.  Our session lasted over four hours.  This is not something you want to rush.  The amount of work and patience it took to get each shot was incredible.  If your photographer can be that patient with your little ones you can be patient too.

Tip 8: Have realistic expectations.  For the last pose we wanted a close up of Mike’s hands holding the babies.  He was peed on, pooped on and Everly was DONE!  Which brings me to Tip 9…collage 4

Tip 9: Know when to pull the plug.  During our attempt at the last pose Everly was super cranky and no amount of feeding, soothing or sweet talk was going to get her to co-operate.  We abandoned ship and called it a day.  Although we weren’t able to get that pose we were pumped about all of the amazing shots we did get!

Tip 10: Enjoy!  Cherish this memory.  Babies grow so fast and looking back on these photos I cannot believe how tiny our girls once were.  I am so glad we chose to enjoy the experience and give up control.SMP015


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7 thoughts on “How to Have a Successful Newborn Photography Shoot, Plus Go Behind the Scenes”

  1. What an incredible story. The pictures are beautiful and your tips are very helpful. Great ideas. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! So many great shots! They are the best of buddies.
    We too loved working with Sarah. What a great experience. It’s hard to chose which photos to print!
    Adriana also pooped on us – both of us! All down my dress. It was worth it though, hah. Luckily Sarah had a stain stick on hand and it came out in the wash.

    1. Yes Sarah is amazing! Peeing and pooping are part of the experience… the initiation. It is so hard to pick which photos to print! Love them all!

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