Joanna Fowler


Nesting Story is where Joanna Fowler shares her real, honest and inspirational stories about womanhood, motherhood, creating a beautiful and functional home, life with twins, lifestyle and wellness. Joanna resides in Burlington, Ontario, Canada with her four kids and rescue pup Oliver.

Before kids Joanna was an Interior Designer with a focus on residential and hospitality design. After successfully starting her own interior design and mural painting company in 2013 and as a mother of two, she was blindsided with a life altering surprise… twins were on the way!

It was during Joanna’s isolating and difficult twin pregnancy that she longed to connect with other moms, especially with those who had multiples and multiple children. She made the decision that when the dust settled after having her twins, she would switch her business, Nesting Story, to a personal blog and start sharing her story. In 2014 Joanna began giving a fly-on-the-wall look into what life can be like for a mother of four, without losing herself along the way.

In 2016, after achieving success with her blog, Joanna began telling her story using video on YouTube and in 2017 Nesting Story’s YouTube channel was named Creator on the Rise, by YouTube.