Design & Organization Services

As a trained Interior Designer, Joanna has 10+ years of experience designing, staging, decluttering and organizing spaces. Her home focused YouTube videos have millions of views, inspiring people all over the world to create the space of their dreams. Specializing in family homes, Joanna is redefining the design process along with her team, focusing on not only creating beautiful spaces, but also exploring how your space can best function for your family, using what you already have and creating the stress-free, stunning home of your dreams. This service is available both virtually and in-person.

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Social Media & YouTube Coaching

There isn’t any one roadmap to creating an online platform and community. It is a constantly changing landscape that’s blueprint is wonderfully unique to each voice, brand and business. The biggest thing that Joanna has learned while growing her online community, is that it is all about storytelling. Joanna is passionate about helping others tell their story, mastering the platforms that best fit their brand and sharing all of the tips and tricks she’s learned along the way.

Starting in the content creation industry as a blogger and later listed as YouTube’s Creator On The Rise, with over 66,000 subscribers and over 8 million views, Joanna has not only figured out how to build a YouTube channel from the ground up, but has kept viewers engaged and tuning in week after week. Let Joanna help you master video creation, build your online community and grow your business.

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Social Media Management

Building a business is a huge undertaking, and it’s important to pour your time into where your expertise and voice cannot be duplicated. Mastering the art of delegation the key for long-term success and growth. Nesting Story Online provides boutique social media management services that is specifically crafted and curated by our team to enhance your brand by sharing it’s story, giving it a voice and building an engaged community.

Beginning with an in-depth brand audit and social media strategy deep dive, our team will pinpoint what platforms make the most sense for your brand, and how each piece of content created can be morphed and repurposed to optimally perform on each social media and search engine platform. By utilizing video through coaching, production, editing and strategic social media publication, Nesting Story Online will make your brand stand out amongst it’s competitors.

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