Decluttering my home and inspiring you

Joanna Fowler January 3, 2019 Home, Organization

My favourite place on earth is our home. When I close my eyes and really ask myself, “is it my absolute favourite place to be?” The answer is yes.

I write this as I enjoy my last days on vacation in Sanibel, Florida, the place I have gone for many Christmases, since I was very young. I am sitting out on our master bedroom balcony, watching the sunrise and listening to the waves crash. This is my happy place, but not my favourite place.

beautiful view

So, if my home is so sacred to me, then why have I let it get so cluttered and disorganized?

Life. Kids. Work. Twins. Survival mode.

I made a promise to myself a couple years ago that I would work through our home, however long it takes and declutter it from top to bottom. I have made some huge strides and got rid of a lot of the stuff. But I also have a long way to go.

I am starting this year with a renewed vision of what I want our home to be for our family. I am going to push through and continue to tackle areas that haven’t been touched yet, and circle back to some areas that need a do-over.

I’d love it if you joined me on this decluttering journey. In today’s video I have compiled my previous decluttering journey videos to help motivate and inspire you!

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