Whoops! Well, that was embarrassing!

embarrassedHey guys! How’s your week going? Need a break and a good laugh? I have a pretty hilarious (R rated) story to tell you which I think will put a smile on your face and make you glad you aren’t me this week.

I am an over-sharer. I always have been. It has been a blessing and a curse. When I was younger, (especially in high school), it got me in trouble a bit because I couldn’t really keep a secret, but now as an adult I have actually found a way to build a career and a community around my non-filtered life.

So, getting back to my embarrassing story…

I publish three vlogs on my YouTube channel a week. I love vlogging. It’s very in the moment and very real. Or, at least I allow my vlogs to be very real.

Well, this week I really bared all, pun intended.

Because I pump my videos out fairly quickly and frequently I don’t always catch every little detail. I am a very decisive person and after a quick pass while editing, they go out into the YouTube world.

Well, this week, without realizing it, I posted a video that had a completely nude clip of me in it.

Wait… what!?! is what you are thinking right now, right?

Let me set the scene.

I am going about my day on Tuesday, and get a direct message on Instagram from a follower, suggesting I be more careful when filming around reflective surfaces. Okay? But it included the emoji that is clenching it’s teeth. You know the one. The emoji that means someone screwed up.

I am totally confused and asked her to clarify. She says to me that while I was filming a shot of the water running into the bathtub you can see my reflection in the faucet.

Upon reading this my heart explodes out of my chest and I race to my computer to view the footage while barricading myself inside my office away from my four curious kids banging on the door.

There I was in all my glory. Me… completely naked.

Here’s the part where I wonder if I’ve started losing touch with reality, or possibly lost all of my dignity during motherhood. My first gut reaction was to laugh and then think, “whoops,” and just leave it.  I guess that’s what birthing four people and turning 34 will do to you. You kind of don’t care anymore.

But it was telling Mike about me being naked on the internet and saying, “I guess I should blur it out right? Or should I not bother?” that made me realize how truly unfiltered I am and eventually come to my senses.

So, before you get all excited about my scandal… it is now blurred.

I am pretty sure it was only one eagle-eye viewer that noticed. If not, then I am sorry and I hope your eyes have stopped burning.

*Insert long sigh and slight giggle*

So, how’s your week going?

See if you can spot the scene in the video…

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