When Did I Become So Anti-Halloween?

Joanna Fowler October 30, 2015 Family, Parenting

When I was a kid I LOVED Halloween. In fact I drove my family crazy in anticipation each year. I remember sitting at my dinner table shaking with adrenaline. I would not be able to eat a bite, while I stared at the clock, waiting for my Dad to walk through the door so he could take us trick-or-treating.

My parents never really got into Halloween. We would carve pumpkins, but that was the extent of our festivities and Halloween decor. It was up to me each year to pick up the slack.

As a teen and young adult I even bought into the whole sexy Halloween costume thing… which I am pretty sure is a right of passage.

After getting married and moving into my own home, I loved Halloween. Even the first couple of years after becoming a parent I would find myself getting really excited.HalloweenOver the past six years and four kids later, I have lost that excitement. I’ve lost the joy of seeing the trick-or-treaters costumes. I’ve lost the thrill of scaring myself with a horror flick at the end of the night. Now I dread the inevitable post candy weight gain, the melt-downs and the candy power struggle that follows.

Maybe because Halloween is on a Saturday this year, I am actually kind of excited again. We are planning on making a day of it, pumpkin carving, decorating our house and really enjoying the evening’s festivities.
Halloween 2014Because the day will come when our children won’t want to trick-or-treat and won’t want to spend this bizarre holiday with their parents. My husband and I will be left watching the kids in our neighbourhood, reminiscing about days gone by.

This is the year that I fall in love with Halloween again. This is the year that I tap into my inner child and remember that adrenaline and excitement.

Because before I know it, these years will be over.

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