What Does A Father Of Four Look Like?

Joanna Venditti June 19, 2015 Family, Parenting

Dad reading bookI know I don’t write a lot about my husband and father to our four kids, Mike, very much. Although he is extremely supportive of me sharing our family and life experiences with the world, I respect his request for a certain level of privacy. But… I just had to tell you a little bit about him for Father’s Day, because I would never be able to do all that I do without him. Even if I get into a little trouble… sorry Mike!

He loves nothing more than babies. In fact, he has the nickname Mr. Amber Alert! His world is his family. I try to get him out of the house to get together with friends or take up a hobby, but really, he just wants to spend all of his time with our kids. He is the one that will always pack up all four kids to run errands and get out and about, (something that I rarely attempt). After a long day of work and driving home, he does the bath and bedtime routine with our older kids every night without complaining.

Father's Day 2Although each kid has him wrapped around their finger, he knows when to put his foot down and be firm about things like respect, manners and bullying. He’s laid awake at night worrying when one of our kids might be struggling. He’s gone without sleep, taking a sick child to the hospital, or holding a newborn who is gagging a little too much for his comfort.166641_487613331296_2347267_nHe is all about safety, making sure that he teaches our kids boundaries and often baby proofing without me knowing it.
Babies in Dad's HandsHe always did the first diaper changes and baths, so that I could rest and recover.Nesting Story Father's DayHe has an incredibly close and special relationship with his three daughters.

But his best friend in the world, is our son.10494544_10152315088711297_8154217164432621472_nThank you Mike, for not only being an incredible father to our four children, but also loving every minute of it.

Happy Father’s Day from Nesting Story!IMG_5748

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