Welcome Mia and Everly

Joanna Fowler September 23, 2014 Blog, Family

They have arrived!  After an incredibly difficult pregnancy full of hip pains, partial bed rest, heart strain and vision problems Mia and Everly came into the world full term, healthy and 6 pounds each on July 24th via scheduled c-section.  Carrying my girls for almost 9 months was like running a marathon with the sweetest prize waiting at the finish line.  IMG_0822

The bond with my girls was instant, we had skin to skin time for three hours to help stabilize their temperature.  I knew that the hardest part was over and the girls fit into our family (almost) seamlessly.IMG_0956

I guess already having two children prepared me for twins because now two months down the road I have found it busy but never overwhelming.  It helps that they are incredibly happy and predictable babies.  The only time it gets hairy is bedtime.  It seems like everyone wants me at the same time.  It is so nice that they have each other and I can already see a bond forming.  When I lay them down beside each other their breathing slows and it is almost as if they are thinking “oh there you are”.IMG_1131

There is this wonderful sense of peace and excitement knowing that your family is complete.  I am trying to savour every minute of this phase, watching our twins grow and our older two taking on a loving protective role.  At the same time I am making sure that I don’t get lost in the mix, still breathing life into my business and making sure I am being creative whenever possible.  Because I know now that having my own interests and identity makes me a better wife and mother.IMG_1646

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2 thoughts on “Welcome Mia and Everly”

  1. Beautiful post! I’m reading this during the third feeding of the night with our new baby which has been one of the most enjoyable and difficult of weeks. Thanks for giving me hope that well get through it! I’m trying to soak up every minute too.

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