Video Review – Our Twin’s First Try With The Otteroo

IMG_7896I recently came across the Otteroo while reading another blogger’s review on it. The Otteroo is a floatie for babies, which fits under their chin. I was immediately intrigued, and quick frankly, a little sceptical. This started an interesting debate on Nesting Story’s Facebook page, ending with Otteroo offering to send me samples so I could try them out, and me promising my followers that I would film our first try. Here it is, as promised, our family trying out Otteroos for the very first time.

Thank you to my brothers and my son Holden, who assisting me while trying out the Otteroos.

Some parents were concerned about a recall on the Otteroos. I have attached that letter that was sent from Otteroo to another blogger below regarding the recall.

Recall: this is from Baby Rabies Facebook page. Written by Jill Krause: Y’all know I love me that baby neck floatie the otteroo .

Personally, I think it’s 100% safe when used as intended- with supervision.
You may have heard they had to issue a recall, and I wanted to share an email I got from their founder last night. ———–>
I wanted to reach out to you personally to update you on a recent AP story that highlights our recent work with CPSC and our voluntary recall to replace a 2014 model of otteroo with the new 2015 models.
As per AP’s story, our supportive and watchful customers had started to report to us that a select few of the floats sold in 2014 were deflating, most where the seams have worn down and broken. While no babies had been injured from the deflation concern, we wanted to address the matter immediately to prevent any potential of future accidents and decided to work with CPSC to ensure that customers were aware that such issues can occur with the 2014 batch. More importantly, we took this opportunity to further reissue an important reminder that parents must be vigilant at all times when their infant is near or in any body of water.
Unfortunately, as CPSC only has the category of “recalls” and does not have a special section that separates out “Voluntary recalls” for a replacement offer, our voluntary recall and alert was filed as a “recall” and therefore, picked up as such by AP.
Please be reassured that there have been no injuries to any infants and moreover that we are also working collaboratively with CPSC to set higher standards in infant and baby float product safety across the board.
We simply wanted to let you know directly of this “buzz” that is circulating as you have been a tremendous supporter of our line since it’s inception.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this device in the comments section!

Visit Otteroo’s website for more information.

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