The day I started a second company

Joanna Fowler May 10, 2017 Blog, Family, Self

StoryMuseLife goes by so fast, and in the past year I have done a lot of soul searching. The biggest thing I have needed to address is fear. Yes, fear.

I started to realize a year ago that something was off. I was self sabotaging, and pulling back anytime I would get close to a goal.

I finally realized that this fear took root when I was a child and it was something that I was going to conquer.

In the past few months I have smashed the fear, and along with dropping the self sabotage I have started to challenge myself… by racing after my dreams. Along with my good friend, and fellow creator, AmandaMuse, I have started another venture, Story Muse & Co.

What is Story Muse & Co.? Here’s a little excerpt from our website…

After building their own online brands, including their popular YouTube channels, Amanda and Joanna realized that there was a lack of representation for women, (more specifically mothers), in the online video world.

Amanda and Joanna are now using their collective years of knowledge and experience to help others build their brand online.

By providing the tools and guidance required and often difficult to come by, Joanna and Amanda are empowering others to elevate their business and helping them tell their story in a digital world. Joanna and Amanda have a passion for speaking and educating about all things YouTube, online video and social media, whether it’s to fellow creators, influencers, brands, or marketing teams.

Together, Joanna’s love for storytelling and brand development and Amanda’s love for all things tech and strategy, make them the perfect team to help you take your business to the next level.

Exciting, right?

Don’t worry, Nesting Story isn’t going anywhere. I see Nesting Story as my personal brand, and it is still my fifth baby.

Here is a fly-on-the-wall look into the day we told the world about our venture…

Want to know more? Here is the Facebook Live that we did that day tell you all about Story Muse & Co.

Go check out our website and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

Photo: Sarah Martin Photography and Ooh Ooh Darling

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