Melissa Strong-Abrosimoff

Brand Manager

Melissa grew up with business in her bones from the time she could talk – and from there became a woman of *gasp* “the Corporate World” (cubicles, meetings, general boringness).  After the birth of her first daughter, Melissa departed from her corporate “life” and became a doula – simply because she wanted and expected more for birthing people. As she herself entered motherhood she saw a need for connection but also for support.

After becoming a Doula, and starting a business as well as the London Doula Group in Ontario – Melissa found herself using her “former life skills” in business to help other women navigate self-employment.  Her off-call hours were being filled assisting other people in her area obtain clients, hone their skills and feel balanced in entrepreneurship. Melissa decided that all of her hours spent helping women one-on-one with their business had lit a fire in her heart, so she took the gig across the country, hosting workshops, doulaing entrepreneurs, supporting all kinds of women in business!

Known for her say-it-like-it-is approach, Melissa has been travelling and working alongside amazing people in heart-centered careers and family related business’ to assist in making their dreams a reality.  She realized early on that her witty approach and unique business savvy could be used to help others harness their potential and sort through the chaos that is self-employment. Turns out that being raised in a business environment now had a purpose!  Melissa lives to brand, declutter, sort through and unlock people’s dreams. She is a FIRM believer that love and kindness conquers all – even in business and that helping others is THE path to personal success.