Maria Ramey


Maria Ramey is a neuroscientist, mother of three and beauty enthusiast. She started her skincare brand, Understory Botanicals, when she moved to a small farm outside of London, ON. Inspired by the nature around her and driven by her passion for science, Maria wanted to create one-of-a-kind beauty products that balanced the worlds of science and nature. She grows her signature botanical complex in her garden and includes this complex in every product, along with clinical active ingredients like retinol, vitamin C and peptides. 

But the theme of balance doesn’t end with her skincare brand – in fact, balance has always been prominent in Maria’s life. Being born and raised in Romania for part of her life meant that she had to balance two different cultures. As she grew to be a mother, wife, and entrepreneur, the importance of balance and enjoying the small moments became even more important. To Maria, the goal is not to have a perfectly balanced life, but to find balance and purpose in those little moments throughout the day, whether it’s smelling a flower, having a good conversation, or enjoying a moment of self-care. It takes a small moment to make a big difference and to change your whole perspective – this is what she hopes to inspire in others.