Lara Young


Hi I’m Lara, Principal of Lara Young Design. I’m a new mom and entrepreneur trying to find that quintessential work/life balance. I’ve been making spaces beautiful for over a decade now but it took the addition of my daughter to know that I wanted to do it as my own boss.

I worked a 9-5 design job during the day and flipped houses at night. I always saw taking my solo career to the next level but not for many more years as job stability with young kids was always very important to me.
In 2017 we welcomed our baby girl into world and something inside me changed. I just knew that following my dreams was to be my number one career priority even if it came with all the scary things involved in taking the leap.

Nap time became business development time, and when maternity leave was over I had the dreaded resignation meeting and said goodbye to my old life.

To me the best spaces are a mix of simplicity and natural elements. Every transformation comes with its own set of unique characteristics, and it’s my job to embrace that and find a balance with a warm and bright approach. Welcome to my journey where I break down what it takes to make a beautiful space.