Jacquelyn van Logtenstein

Partner & Managing Director

Jacquelyn, aka Jackie, joins Nesting Story from rural Southwestern Ontario where she lives on a farm with her entrepreneur husband and 3 kids.

From a busy career as a Human Resources Generalist to a stay-at-home-mom of three, Jackie took to blogs and social media in order to feel connected outside the walls of her home – which included Nesting Story!

Through her years at home taking care of the family, she spent a lot of time re-evaluating how she’d like to spend her time, and how she’d like to re-enter the workforce, while also taking courses and self-teaching in fields she found interesting.

This is what led her to where she is now, working at The Water Cooler as Managing Director. Through working closely with Joanna as she launched this company, the two developed a great relationship and it was a no-brainer to take Joanna up on her offer to join Nesting Story as Partner and Managing Director.

Jackie balances her time working mostly from home, shuttling kids to school, sports and activities while also squeezing in time for herself which includes drinking coffee and scrolling social media, doing CrossFit/yoga/running, drinking wine with friends, and hitting up markets and boutiques!