Erica Parachini


Erica is a writer and creator of Made At Home Mom Life, a supportive community empowering mothers to feel more at home in their motherhood. MahmLife was created to reframe expectations of motherhood and defy the constant comparison that mothers face every day. She resides in Denver, Colorado with her husband, son “Baby H” and two dachshunds. When she isn’t writing she can be found at the park with her son, discovering the Colorado outdoors or buried somewhere in her laundry room with a hot cup of coffee.As a first time mom, Erica had a rough introduction to motherhood. From fertility issues and PCOS to suffering from birth trauma and a colicky sleep-hating baby, she knew that there had to be more joy in the mundane. In her sleep-deprived state of constantly not living up to her own expectations, she decided to give up the fight to meet them and instead share the raw and relatable feelings of a first time mom. By reframing her expectations in a more realistic way, motherhood became full of more joy and happiness instead of always trying to be the picture perfect mom. While still on the quest, she is starting to make herself at home in motherhood and hopes to inspire moms of all ages and stages to do the same.